Hypocritical Al Gore booed

Hypocritical Al Gore booed at Concordia University

Al Gore was recently awarded an honorary degree from Concordia University. Carbon credits may or may not have been purchased from himself to offset his flight to Canada to deliver a sermon. Judging from the crowd’s reaction, Al Bore may now be ceremoniously addressed as Dr. Eco-hypocrite. David Suzuki missed out on the formal honor this time around, though his foundation blessed yet another carbon spewing trip as Comrade Suzuki was invited to celebrate his honorable mention.

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Her Majesty’s Green Revolution

The idea that Gore should show up in London, running a hedge fund, and working as a propagandist for Her Majesty’s Green Revolution and the City of London’s latest speculative bubble, should not come as a great surprise to anyone who has followed the former Vice President’s career – or his family pedigree.

By an EIR investigative team

On the weekend of Feb. 24-25, 2007, as former Vice President Al Gore was wet-dreaming about his pending Academy Award for his fractured fairy tale “documentary,” An Inconvenient Truth, about his battle to save the planet from “global warming,” TV financial market analyst Jim Cramer was answering a question about the prospect of a Gore Presidential run in 2008, on MSNBC’s Chris Matthews’ “Hardball.” Never one to mince words, Cramer dismissed the idea that Gore would take another stab at Presidential politics: “No,” he said. “He’s really a hedge fund manager now. No one leaves that game.”

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Carbon Trade Swindle Behind Gore Hoax

by Richard Freeman and Marcia Merry Baker

Look behind—if you dare—Al Gore and his science hoax, and you find the very same London-centered oligarchical financial crew that drove the 2003-2006 oil and commodity price increase, amidst the bubbles and hyperinflation that characterize the breakdown-phase of the financial system. The centerpiece of the U.S. emerging market for carbon emissions trading, is the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), created in 2003 as a “voluntary,” or pilot agency, part of a London-based network positioned to reproduce the oil bubble on a scale orders of magnitude greater and more dangerous, while at the same time, destroying what’s left of the physical economy.

The idea is that if governments cap CO2 emissions, then the “market” will take off for the buying and selling of emissions “allowances.” This is the whole point of the “cap-and-trade” plan for CO2. If it sounds crazy, it is. But Gore is just one of the most visible parts of the elaborate (and bi-partisan) schemes that have been set in motion under cover of climate change. Gore’s personal financial involvement is blatant, especially through Goldman Sachs—a large shareholder of CCX, and in 2004, the creator of Gore’s very own London-based hedge fund, Generation Investment Management

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3 thoughts on “Hypocritical Al Gore booed

  1. Even if you do not believe in the war against climate change.

    Alt E is the clear choice to win the war on terror.

  2. Carbon credit trading will ultimately lead to a one world global currency complete with its attendent global executive. There needs be a energy consumer Bill of Rights in regards to energy conversion to protect regular folk from the coming storm.

  3. A great article that explains what is really the truth.Unfortunately,truth often hurts,so the great unimformed majority do not want to listen–when they do it is usually too late and their pockets have been picked again.
    Wind farms are a prime example of this apathy.I’d be willing to bet that at least 80% of all Canadians actually think that wind farms can actually make any significant impact on global warming.For these people “ignorance is bliss”.

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