Intellectual child exploitation, Al Gore, David Suzuki

Is classroom Global Warming preaching indoctrinating the next generation?


Do you know what your children are learning in school about climate change? Have you ever looked at their textbooks? Is it education or indoctrination? How accurate are the facts? How much is it an ideological or a political message? Is it a balanced curriculum offering options or one imposing a singular view? How much is fear the vehicle of indoctrination?

Do you only learn about the material when your elementary school child can’t sleep because of threats of a rising sea level? Are you like the mother who told me how children at a birthday party for her seven-year-old cried when a balloon burst because they said there would be another hole in the ozone? I hear from many people about children traumatized by what they have learned in school. A British survey of children between 7 and 11 found half of them are anxious about the impacts of global warming to the point of losing sleep. At what age do we place societal or world problems on young shoulders? US TV celebrity psychologist “Dr. Phil” says emphatically, don’t put adult problems on children’s shoulders.

No doubt, environmental advocates like Al Gore and Canadian counterpart David Suzuki believe pushing their message to young people is necessary to produce the type of people they want for their world,

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2 thoughts on “Intellectual child exploitation, Al Gore, David Suzuki

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  2. The NGOs’ scripts don’t have to be truthful as long as they move the masses. “We save Pandas and Rain forests. Vote for a”green” politician.” The politicians partner with the NGOs-provide the NGOs with funding for studies, reports and educating our children on creating a sustainable world a la Al Gore.

    “LONDON (AFP) – Gordon Brown, likely to be the next prime minister, will
    deliver a speech calling for a “new world order” to combat global warming.”
    Monday, March 12, 2007

    “The government will distribute Al Gore’s dramatic global warming film to
    all secondary schools in England in its fight to tackle climate change”.

    In his 2001 book Where On Earth Are We Going?- Eco-capitalist Maurice Strong “argues that managing the technological society requires an entirely new governing structure; not a traditional hierarchy, but “a network of institutions, governmental and
    non-governmental, local, regional, national and international.”

    Factions of capitalists are vying for control. We don’t have to choose one robber baron over another. Another 100 million dead African kids as a result of their machinations is another inconvenient truth.

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