Europe drying up for wind energy developers

‘Wind energy in the U.S. “is like Europe was years ago,” says Xavier Viteri, head of Iberdrola’s renewable-energy business. “There’s a lot of room for development there ….”‘ (Wall Street Journal, July 9, 2007, page A1)

That raises the question, Why isn’t Europe like Europe was? Clearly, the momentum has slowed. Even “showcase” Denmark hasn’t added new wind capacity since 2004. Doubts have arisen about the utility of wind energy on the grid. Adverse impacts (to wildlife, landscape, and human health) can no longer be denied. Instead of repeating Europe’s mistakes, the U.S. and Canada ought to consider the limits of wind energy that European countries have already discovered.

There’s a good reason Iberdrola and other European wind developers are moving their efforts to North America. Europe doesn’t want them any more. Let’s learn from that experience instead of repeating the same boondoggle.
From Kirby Mountain


3 thoughts on “Europe drying up for wind energy developers

  1. Law
    I hope you didn’t get hurt too bad when you fell of the turnip truck.
    Industrial wind farms are one of the greatest scams in history. Enron started it. There is a line in the Enron movie where someone says ” as long as the perception holds,it is the truth”. Right up there with Iraq. It’s time to wake up my son.


  2. It’s just the NIMBY’s in Europe the idiots that don’t want the in their back yards or within 10 miles. Wind power is one of north america’s great resources, we have much more potential than europe ever will, people like the author of this will keep america dependent on foreign oil, we’ll keep funding terrorists etc,. Wind Turbines kill negligable amounts of birds in comparison to nature and to buildings, they have no environmental impacts, wind mills create jobs and are a great potential for us to switch to electric cars and farm equipment so that even our cars can use 100% american made power.

  3. The conservative party put Maurice Strong in to deregulate power several years ago.The lease agents started to sign up farmers shortly after that because they new that wind energy would soon be allowed.It doesn’t work in Europe but the politicians make it sound like they are doing something right with renewable energy although their buddies are reaping the rewards.
    Ask why ex-premier David petterson is being gifted huge money from the liberal’s through bullfrog power and how he is applying that to the 1/2 billion dollar of wind contracts he has with the liberal’s.

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