Your Tax Dollars at Work


Sept.10th output from the wind farms in Ontario. We have almost 400 MW of installed capacity in Ont. The govt. and the media keep telling you about all the homes wind will power. They are lying to you.

The graph starts at 1am. 10% production would be about 40MW, not much to brag about but today they are not even close to 10%. In fact at 10 and 11am they produced nothing.

Close the nukes and close the coal plants and invest in candles. Buy lots before the price goes up.

If you still think wind power works maybe you could explain it to the rest of us.

While you worry about Global Warming the “BIG BOYS” are sitting in their air conditioned offices drinking very good scotch and probably enjoying a nice fat Cuban cigar laughing at YOU, wondering just how stupid the average person is.

Well, are you as stupid as they think you are?



2 thoughts on “Your Tax Dollars at Work

  1. Yea…80% efficent during the 30% of the time they actually have producing winds. Apparently they left out oue of the little details. How surprising!

  2. We just came back from a wind meeting and spoke to some farmer who were told that the turbines put up on their land would be 80% efficient. These were two very intelligent, good people who were SOOO misinformed by the wind industry. It is fraud, plain and simple. Unfortunately, until this builds for awhile, people will continue to buy into this con…..then it will all collapse.

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