26 new coal plants in Germany

Wind has been a resounding failure in Europe. The question then is why are we in North America being harassed by this industry.

Wind farms have nothing to do with energy and everything to do with the removal of property rights. Once you understand that Global Warming is a fraud to scare you, it becomes very easy to understand the reality that is Agenda 21. Same thing with biofuels. Who in their right mind would grow food and then burn it.

Agenda 21 

Sorry, it’s only 26 new coal plants in Germany  

[Sources for claims made in response to Wendy Williams’ defense of Cape Wind in Parade magazine, Mar. 2]

According to Der Spiegel, Mar. 21, 2007, Germany is planning 26 new coal-fired electricity plants. And according to the New York Times, June 20, 2006, 8 are on a fast track for completion by 2010 or so. I apologize for any confusion caused by my misremembering the figures as, respectively, 28 and 6.

Several analysts have shown that most — up to 84% in the west — of Denmark’s wind-generated electricity is exported: e.g., Hugh Sharman in the May 2005 Civil Engineering, and David White in the July 2004 Utilities Journal.

The data showing fossil fuel use for electricity going up instead of down as wind energy on the grid increased are in the Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics 2007 from BERR.

It is according to the Danish Wind Industry Association that the last increase in wind energy capacity was between 2002 and 2003.

The near-unanimous (24 of 28 communities surveyed) rejection of more (and much larger) turbines in Denmark was reported by Politiken on Feb. 17 (click here for rough translation by National Wind Watch).


3 thoughts on “26 new coal plants in Germany

  1. What is interesting about the Spiegel article is that I see it referenced all over the internet but I don’t see any other articles confirming it. And 26 coal plants would be a huge amount of extra capacity for Germany wouldn’t it. Never the less, wind for commercial electricity is a complete scam and a hoax at that! the stupid USA is following the lead of the dumb Europeans. Soon our electricity bills and national debt will double too.

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  3. wind turbines only have a place off shore. We in the UK are blighted by companies (many german!!!) ruining the countryside in pursuit of government subsidy that will make them very rich.
    Nothing to do with carbon emmissions or global warming. ‘They’ target NGA’s naive, gullible apathetic communities. If you are a rural community where not much happens and there are not too many people about watch out the wind farm guys are out to wreck your life. We found out from our local newspaper. Without this we would still be in blissful ignorance.
    Wind power does not work, because it is not always windy. When will someone work it out

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