Council makes change to wind turbine setback

Does anyone have the results of the review of the G. P. Van Den Berg Dissertation done by the MOE? If you have it seen how do you feel about the conclusions made by the MOE.

This setback will be challenged April 17th. The MOE has still not released it’s findings on the G. P. Van Den Berg report. Took them the better part of a year to dismiss it, but they still have not released there findings. Why?

The council picked a number out of the air, 450 meters. Based on what ? Sound science? There is no evidence to support the decision made by the council. The Kingsbridge 1 wind farm has and continues to cause problems for the people living near the turbines. The people suffering from noise and flicker are outside the 450 meter setback for the Kingsbridge 11 wind farm. The new setback is ridiculous considering the problems at Kingsbridge 1.

The only explanation is that the council has been harassed for so long by both the wind industry and the govt., they caved in to their demands. Their is no other explanation. This counsel like so many others, has put the demands of outside interests ahead of their constituents. Not acceptable.

The wind industry, like the bio-fuel industry is a fraud with negative effects as the only outcome. The Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Energy in Ontario have not, and cannot make a solid case for the use of either wind energy or Bio-fuels. Read Agenda 21, found at the top of this blog. Find out the real meaning of Sustainability.

The MOE has rejected all health and noise studies except those done by the wind industry. Unacceptable in any democracy. Read Agenda 21


Council makes change to wind turbine setback

After more than a year of discussion, Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Twp. has made a decision with its wind turbine setbacks. Council voted to change the wind turbine setbacks for vacant lots and residences to 450 metres from 400 metres, at the March 3 meeting. The decision came after receiving a response from the Ministry of Environment, which council has been waiting on for several months. Council has also been listening to concerns of ratepayers and reviewing reports on wind turbines for over a year. Council’s decision to change the setback, will be passed at a future date, if no appeals are made, with the township’s comprehensive zoning bylaw. “The ministry has completed its review of the G. P. Van Den Berg Dissertation and is in the process of posting this review. Based on this review, the ministry has determined that although its current noise policy for wind turbines does require clarification of some aspects, the ministry’s current noise limit for wind turbines will remain at 40 decibels at the point of reception for the time being. As well, the ministry does not intend to introduce setback distances for wind turbine operations. Municipalities, however, may set requirements for wind turbine set backs under the authority of the Planning Act,” wrote Doris Dumais director of approvals program, environmental assessment and approvals branch for the MOE, in a March 4 letter. “To date, the ministry’s wind turbine policy review has identified several areas where the existing guidance documentation could be clarified in order to ensure that proponents of wind turbine projects are provided with guidance to properly assess noise emissions, to ensure that the predicted worst case scenario is assessed. See this week’s Lucknow Sentinel for the full story. By Sara Bender Lucknow Sentinel


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