Trempealeau County, Union Township, Chilton Township and others

*Operations – Low Frequency Noise*: A Wind Energy System that emits sound (or causes structural or human body vibration) with strong low frequency content where the time-average C-weighted sound level exceeds the A-weighted sound level by at least 20 dB when measured inside a structure and adversely affects the subjective habitability or use of any existing dwelling unit, hospital, school, library, nursing home, or other sensitive noise receptor shall be deemed unsafe and must be shut down immediately. Exceedances of any of the limits of the Table in Section 79-19 (a)(5) will also be considered as proof that the Wind Energy System is unsafe and must be shut down immediately.

This is the most important part of the document as far as I’m concerned, even though I haven’t read it all yet.
I argued with Marie LeGrow from the MOE  that “C weighting” should be included because of the low frequency or vibration. I cited the example from Calgary concerning problems with side yard air conditioners. Even though they met the “A weighted” requirements people were still complaining that the sound and vibration was penetrating there homes. Once “C weighting” was used they understood the complaints. I believe this the same with wind turbines.
I was told by LeGrow that the MOE would look into it. A further phone call to her office I was advised that the MOE did not feel “C weighting was required.
The MOE is putting people at risk and they know it. The MOE has ignored or rejected every suggestion from the experts and public to improve the siting of wind turbines. Not acceptable in  a Democracy.
Please be advised that LeGrow is the author of the E7 manual


EIA_Manual_EN.pdf , now the E8, concerning the internationalization of energy. The E7 was set up be Maurice Strong.
Decisions for the Ont. Electrical system are being made from outside the Province and the Country.

From the E8 document

Projects targeting gases (HFC, N2O, CH4) with higher global warming potential than CO2 in order to generate a high volume of CO2 credits and revenue so as to be financially attractive.

Wind farms have little to nothing to do with energy production and everything to do with carbon credit and revenue. They win we lose.

I think we need to try and force the “C weighting” issue.

A hats off to the people of Wisconsin

Any comments or ideas on this



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