Earth Hour – The Scam Continues

Earth Day – The Al Gore, One World Order Scam continues with the mindless SHEEP Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaing their approval. Be sure to click on the link to the Cloak of Green. If the Cloak of Green doesn’t open your eyes, you are a blind Sheep. The Global Warming – Climate Change Scam has nothing to do with “saving the planet”.

Earth Hour Scam – World Wild Life Fund Scam?

It does however, have everything with you willingly giving up your rights.

Earth Day is a misnomer. Only a tiny fraction of the worlds countries are even involved and they tend to be the ones that are being forced into accepting wind farms, biofuels and carbon trading.

Show the world you can still think. March 27th turn on your lights.



a person regarded as, or claiming to be, an inspired teacher or leader.

a person who foretells or predicts what is to come: a weather prophet; prophets of doom.
. a spokesperson of some doctrine, cause, or movement.



Earth Day March 29 2008
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Ex-AECL boss’ firm could make Millions
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3 thoughts on “Earth Hour – The Scam Continues

  1. Yup just another way to control you…this time it’s an hour, soon it will be 2 hours, then a week, then….hey guess what folks, you don’t need any power at all, we will all be natural just like 1000’s of years ago. throw away that bath water, gotta save the earth, get rid of lights, gotta save the earth, no more toothbrushes or underarm deoderant, gotta save the earth, a teenager or homeless person’s delight

    and then look at all the damage one earthquake, tsunami, volcano or tornado can do to the earth.

    Wise up folks! Tell me if the ultra rich with huge mansions who pay thousands of dollars each month for water and electricity are participating?

  2. Did China turn off their lights?
    They pollute more in one day than all the yuppies efforts in a year to save the planet! Turn off your lights and then load the gun to protect your home from thieves for an hour!
    Mindless losers who are signing on to the UN’s BS Global Warming SHAM!

  3. I definitely believe this is a scam, however, I definitely want to get off oil dependence and all the eternal wars fought over it as well.

    Now, before anyone believes I’m a “Tin Foil Hatter,” How about all the CHEM TRAILING going on almost daily in the skies making all those Xs and grids in very high-flying white planes spewing out 4 plumes of junk?

    Why is nobody talking about that? On an almost daily basis, that must make a HUGE Environmental impact and CARBON FOOTPRINT, not to mention how expensive oil has been recently.

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