Cold Water on Global Warming – Planet Politics

Good piece. Don’t be fooled by Ted Turner. He is a new ager that would like to see the world population brought down to a manageable level of about 500 million, total population of the planet. Other elites think anything over 2 billion is to many for mother earth to support. I’m not making this crap up.

Global warming was chosen as the vehicle to move their goals forward. One World Order, run by inbred, nut case elites. Ted might be a little crazy, but check out who he’s hanging with. 

Google Maurice Strong and Ted Turner and follow the trail from there.

Cold Water on Global Warming – Planet Politics

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My brother-in-law is a thinker. He has a doctorate in atmospheric sciences and has spent a bunch of his adult life observing the effect of weather and man-made stuff on planet earth. So when my wife told me Ted (Hinds) had written a letter to the editor of the Atlanta Constitution on so called “Global Warming”, I thought I’d better check it out. And I’m glad I did, because at least for the parts I could understand, he’s saying (science is saying and he’s agreeing) it’s not warming that’s the potential threat, but cooling!  I apologize in advance that the pictures did not come through.  I just heard a piece on the news on this topic.  It seems Ted Turner thinks it will be 8 degrees warmer in ten years and society will be completely broken.   Cannibalism  and no food growing anywhere.  But, alas, Mr. Turner said his piece, then the commentator said Mr. Turner is a pinhead, and what could I possibly add to that?

“Modern science has recently discovered a direct link between earth’s climate and ionized molecules in the atmosphere. These ions in the atmosphere are formed as very energetic cosmic rays from deep space penetrating the atmosphere, all the way to the earth’s surface. Scientists found that these ions create condensation nuclei that lead to formation of low-level clouds, which have long been known to reflect a lot of solar energy back into space. Thus, earth’s climate is strongly influenced by an incoming rain of cosmic particles from deep outer space, and the intensity of that rain is strongly influenced by solar magnetic activity. See Henrik Svensmark and Nigel Calder, The Cooling Stars: A New Theory of Climate Change (Crows Nest, NSW, Australia: Allen & Unwin) 2007, 26-27.

Cold Water on Global Warming – Planet Politics


One thought on “Cold Water on Global Warming – Planet Politics

  1. Henrik Svensmark has a website at: where there is lots of info on his teams work and theories. You can buy a DVD at this website.
    The content of his DVD is also available on YouTube at:

    The video starts out in Danish with English subtitles then switches to the reverse.
    This is an outstanding story, especially on the information about how his theories were blocked by the alarmists.
    I think Henrik has likely got this theory of how the climate changes exactly right and we all need to make his work much more visible on the Net.
    A side note. Henrik is the scientist who collapsed from a heart attack on the stage in Copenhagen. His pacemaker revived him twice with electric shocks.

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