Biofuels information – the latest news

Bio-fuels were instigated by the UN. They created the crisis now they say they will have to do a re-think, while millions starve to death. Eugenics in action.

Wind farms are driving people from their homes and off the land. Instigated by the UN. A land grab by and for the elites and corporations.

Education instigated by th UN to brainwash children into believing and pushing the Global Warming scare. You willingly give up your rights to “Save the Planet”

Everything is written down all you have to do is take the time to read it.

The UN and all their associates are EVIL. They create the crisis of the day and then get you to believe they will try to fix the problem.

Kind of like the psychology behind spousal abuse.

Do Some research, then do some more.


Biofuels information – the latest news


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