Chemtrails Sprayed Over Ontario

Ontario is getting sprayed with chemicals almost everyday now. While you worry about plastic bags the govt. is filling the air you breath with chemicals.

Keep your eye on the sky and start asking questions.

5 thoughts on “Chemtrails Sprayed Over Ontario

  1. The spraying in thunder bay is terrible, the air or atmosphere is so saturated it has even chenged the color of the day and night sky.

    the city lights reflecting above the city has never been so bright and the worst thing is that nobody notices or see’s this happening, god help us all

  2. Milton Ontario-over the Milton hospital April 2,2011 :8:30am-wish I had my camera-beautiful blue sky-warming up sun. then criss cross jet spraying chemtrails and high ascent, about 9:00am passenger jet 10,000 km lower-no trail(while higher army jet still spraying). 1 hour later, sky all mist- no sun, seemed to be reflected back to self. snowfall next day. Haarp?

  3. What do you suggest we demand from MPs and MPPs ? Any other places to contact ?
    I’ve tried in Ontario to inform media, no luck.
    I can’t think of any way to put it that anyone will respond.
    Also, person posting mississauga-chemtrails, the link draws a blank.

  4. Hi, thanks for posting this video. I see you are probably around the Bruce County area where I saw last September all the new windmills put in place throughout the landscape. Anyway, keep it up. I have launched a site:
    If you have a moment, sign up and submit your videos and stories regarding chemtrails…

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