Sea Ice Traps Climate Tour Icebreaker

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To bad Gore and Suzuki weren’t on board.

I’m sure some “Greenie” will have something to say about this, like – “Global Warming” or is it “Climate Change” this week, caused the ice to thicken and when it melts the floods will be even bigger than first predicted.

Gore and Suzuki are full of

– UN – Agenda 21 – New World Order – Carbon Trading –



Cold Irony: Arctic Sea Ice Traps Climate Tour Icebreaker

27 05 2008

Stuck in the arctic ice that doesn’t exist. (file photo: EcoPhotoExplorers)

Last year as arctic sea ice melted to record levels, panic set in for many. But then, as the sea ice rebounded and froze again quickly in the 2007/2008 winter, making up for that record loss and reaching heights not seen for several years, many exclaimed that even though the ice areal extent had recovered, this new ice was “thin” and would likely melt again quickly. There were also many news stories about how the Northwest Passage was ice free for the first time “ever”. For example, Backpacker Magazine ran a story saying “The ice is so low that the photos clearly show a viable northwest passage sea route along the coasts of Greenland, Canada, and Alaska.”

Cashing in on the panic that has set in with the help of some climate alarmists, tour operators like Quark Expeditions of Norwalk Connecticut are offering polar expeditions catering to that “see it before it’s gone” travel worry.

More at wattsupwiththat

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