Toll Roads Coming to Toronto and the GTA – Agenda 21 in Action

Your taxes and gas tax were suppose to pay for highways and transit.

Where’s the money?

I was discussing George Smitherman yesterday and was saying how dangerous it was to put him in charge of energy and infrastructure. I said that within 6 months the idea of selling of roads and charging tolls would be at the top of his to do list. Well the Sun breaks the news today.

Do I have faith in George’s ability? Yes I do. I’m confident that he will screw the taxpayer big time. Five years in Health and our town has less doctors than before he went to work. Thanks George.

From the Toronto Sun

And the most controversial funding option rolled out by the provincial agency charged with developing a Regional Transportation Plan for the GTA is to put road tolls on the Gardiner, the Don Valley Expressway and the 400-series highways.

Metrolinx chair Rob MacIsaac said he believes road tolls are likely to be part of any funding package that the agency recommends because they serve the dual purpose of raising revenue and reducing car use.

“We have some hard choices to make,” MacIsaac told the Sunday Sun. “How are we going to pay for all of this infrastructure? I think user fees are going to have to play a large role.”

Metrolinx’s proposed tolls would impact drivers in Toronto, Hamilton, Peel, Halton, York and Durham.

The world’s best known example of using road tolls in this way is in London, England, where motorists pay the Canadian equivalent of about $16 to enter the city core.

What does London, England, have to with Toronto? Agenda 21

Here are some of the revenue ideas


Big ticket items: $1 billion+

– 10 cents+/km toll on Gardiner, DVP, 400 series highways (including possible higher fees for gas guzzlers, or designated lane tolls)

– $1 per weekday non-residential parking space

– 20 cents+ per litre gas tax hike

– 1% sales tax hike in GTA/Hamilton

– Transit fare hikes (more likely outside Toronto)

Cost to GTA drivers with 10 cents/km highway toll

– Downtown Toronto to Markham: $3.00

– Downtown Toronto to Oakville: $3.60

– Downtown Toronto to Pickering: $3.90

– Downtown Toronto to Oshawa: $6.00

– Downtown Toronto to Hamilton: $6.70

– Mississauga to Oakville: $2.10

– Mississauga to Hamilton: $6.80

– Oshawa to Pickering: $2.10

– Oshawa to Vaughan: $8.00

– Oshawa to Mississauga: $8.10

Other options

– Development charges

– Land value fee

– Property tax hike

– Vehicle registration fees

– Vehicle sales tax

– Vehicle “impact” fee

Who is going to implement the changes that are coming?


Our new name Metrolinx captures the spirit of our mandate: to provide an integrated multi-modal transportation network that will improve your travel experience across the metropolitan region that stretches from York and Durham, through Toronto, Peel, Halton and onward to Hamilton.

Together we can create a transportation system that enhances the prosperity, sustainability and quality of life.

Metrolinx is an agency of the Government of Ontario

Regional Transportation Plan – White Papers for Discussion
Regional Transportation Plan – Green Papers for Discussion

Advisory CommitteeMetrolinx Advisory Committee will assist the Metrolinx Board in developing a series of discussion papers that will form the basis for the Regional Transportation Plan.

<< More… >>

George Orwell – I told you this would happen in my book 1984

Read and understand Agenda 21. Be sure to read about the author. He worked in planning. Learn the key words and understand what they mean. All laid out by the UN. They, not our politicians, are making the decisions.

Agenda 21

and get a copy of

Cloak of Green


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