Will Renewables Trump Nuclear in Ontario?

Sounds like the renewable faction is getting a little pissy.

Roger Peters, if you are suggesting that wind and other renewables are in the same league as nuclear, you are a fool or you think the citizens of Ontario are. It’s time to get on with the building of a stable cost effective electrical system in this province.

by Stephen Lacey, Staff Writer and Lily Riahi, Correspondent

Ontario, Canada [RenewableEnergyWorld.com]

In Canada these days, it’s almost impossible to talk about renewable energy without talking about nuclear power. With the recent freezing of Ontario’s Renewable Energy Payment (REP) system and a proposal from the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to procure 14,000 megawatts (MW) of nuclear power over the coming decades, many in the industry question whether politicians and regulators in the province are serious about developing renewable energy.

“It’s a bit difficult to understand how the government can say that renewable energy is the cornerstone of a good policy, while at the same time make such big investments in nuclear.”

— Roger Peters, Senior Policy Adviser, Canadian Renewable Energy Alliance

Now Ontario — considered Canada’s most progressive renewable energy market — has become a staging ground for a philosophical war over how to develop the future energy market. The battle cry from the renewable energy industry was sounded at the World Wind Energy Conference in Kingston, Ontario last week, as advocates and businesses called on the OPA and government officials to make distributed generation a priority over centralized generation.

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