Elizabeth May Green Party Leader Calls Canadians Stupid

Ms. May needs to call her leader Maurice Strong. There’s no place for you in Canada. When you leave take Suzuki with you.

You, Suzuki, Strong, Gore and the rest of the UN elitists have been undermining this country for way too long.

Don’t let the door hit you on the ass.

You should all be quite happy in China.

The Earth Charter and the Ark of the Gaia Covenant

Elizabeth May has radical environmental agenda

Cloak of Green – Get a copy of this book or read it online


One thought on “Elizabeth May Green Party Leader Calls Canadians Stupid

  1. I’m pleased I came across your work… I’m grateful someone has done such a thorough job through the years of putting the truth out there .. the problem with these ‘cults’ of ‘green’ in pockets around Canada is that no one takes them seriously –until its too late .. once they infilitrate local governments and begin to set up their NGOs [which are really PGOs private governmental organizations as Elaine Dewar noted] that steady slide into governance is rather quick and effortless for them as the collectivists that they .. these ‘change agents’ have their own language.. and the ones that showed up here from Kincardine Ont. ironically work consistently to undermine national sovereignty, individual rights while promoting their versions of ‘sustainable’ business models ie. ‘community economic development’ networked co-operatives/collectives, kibbutzism… Elaine Dewar’s book “Cloak of Green” should have been in classroom in all universities in Canada but instead it was suppressed.. and Elaine found herself attacked and shunned… there are many players who will profit from this ‘communitarian’ economy .. tanks Ron.. keep up the good work.

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