Bluffs ‘only option’ for wind farm; Toronto Hydro says


Although renewable energy generation has now reached the numerically equivalent of about 26.5% of annual demand (Bülow, 2005a) and wind turbines account for about 20% of total power production (Eltra, 2005), most of the region’s wind power has to be exported in order to secure stability in the domestic grid.  During 2003, for example, as much as 84% of the annual supply of wind electricity was surplus to demand at its moment of generation (Sharman, 2004), and only about 4% of domestic power consumption was satisfied by wind turbines – Source – Wind power in west Denmark

Bluffs ‘only option’ for wind farm; Toronto Hydro says no other offshore sites in GTA are financially feasible locales for turbine project

The proposed site of a wind farm off the Scarborough Bluffs in Lake Ontario is the only place in the GTA where wind power might be feasible, Toronto Hydro said yesterday.

“Within the City of Toronto borders, it is pretty much the only option,” said Joan McLean, spokesperson for the project.

Noting they had already investigated the west end, McLean added: “The reality is that the construction of offshore wind turbines is not financially feasible (in) over 20 meters of water depth,” which excludes much of the GTA’s shoreline.

Toronto Hydro Energy Services has proposed placing up to 60 massive turbines on a swath of shallow reef from Ajax to the Leslie Spit. The project has prompted intense interest from locals concerned about its impact on the view, the shore, and residents. Some 400 people showed up to an information session Monday – twice as many as could fit in the hall. It was postponed and will be rescheduled.

“The noise concerns me,” said resident Jeanne Gagné. “This would be one of the first to be so close to a residential area. Everybody is pointing at us as being not-in-my-backyard. … But it’s more: Is this the best backyard?” she added.

Wind turbines belong in no ones backyard and yes the noise should concern everyone. The high cost for intermittent power should also be of major concern (added)

Family was forced to leave their home after wind turbines arrived

Family was forced to leave their home after wind turbines arrived

Iain Marlow
Staff Reporter

Full strory at the Toronto Star


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