Wind Turbine Syndrome with Dr. Nissenbaum

Dr. Nissenbaum discusses Wind Turbine Syndrome. He talks about the many negative health affects that appear to be caused by living too close to wind turbines

Part 1



One thought on “Wind Turbine Syndrome with Dr. Nissenbaum

  1. I have just read an article titled Summary of Recent Research of Health Effects of Wind Turbines by K.Stelling and Carmen Krogh. In the last paragraph Dr Nissenbaum is quoted the Australia has stringent stardards regarding Wind Farm. I hate to disagree with the Dr but Australia especially the state of Victoria has no standards and currently our States landscape is being ruined by these overseas Wind Companies running riot.I live in a semi rural area of Victoria and West Wind Energy (German) is planning to erect 110, 150 Metre tall turbines some only 700 metres from homes.Our present State Government is so besotted with saving the planet? they are prepared to past any plans put before them.And telling us the minority have to suffer for the majority. So Dr Nissenbaum we do not have any strict guidelines.

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