Bill C-6 – Precursor to Codex Alimentarius


I received the information below via email today and decided to make some phone calls.  I spoke with several staff from the  offices listed below. My question to each of them was – Are you aware that Bill C-6 is a precursor to Codex Alimentarius?

Only one person I spoke with had  heard of Codex Alimentarius.  If the staffers never heard of Codex and its implications for Canada, what knowledge do the Senators have?

Do the Senators think  Bill C-6 is benign? Do they understand the implications for Canada and its people if  Bill C-6 passes?

Two things are apparent and need to be answered by the Senators.

1) If they do not understand the implications of Bill C-6 and Codex they are not in a position to make the decision they are being asked to make.

2) If they know,  they are traitors of Canada and its people.

Please contact the Senators below and do two things. Demand the committee accommodate Shawn Buckley and request information from the Senators pertaining to their knowledge of Codex Alimentarius.

Bill C-6 and Codex Alimentarius together are a powerful cocktail which poses a serious threat to the sovereignty of Canada.

Pick up the phone and start making calls.


Here’s the issue: Bill C-6 is now being reviewed by the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs. Their job is to review Bill C-6 in detail, hear from witnesses and make recommendations to the rest of Senators before the 3rd and final reading and vote. This Committee will give the rest of the Senate a final analysis of Bill C-6 based on what they have heard. But they will not have heard from Shawn Buckley.

And by extension, us.

Shawn Buckley, constitutional lawyer and author of the Charter of Health Freedom, has been invited as 1 of the key 14 national witnesses to appear before this Committee. That’s the great news.
To have him admitted to this chamber is an honour. And now, for the bad news. It’s on a day, when he will be in Federal Court. He is in a lock down at this trial for 3 weeks. He has been hired to challenge the validity of a section in the Food and Drug act, and show how the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is being violated. It is an unprecedented case and the Social Affairs Committee apparently, won’t wait.

As of Friday October 30th, the Committee has not given him another option to appear.


It is imperative that he be allowed to give his testimony before this Committee. We all know his perspective is absolutely essential and irreplaceable. There is no alternative. No one has spoken for us, for the Constitution.

The first phase of the Stop Bill C-6 Emailing and Letter Writing Campaign was successful. Many veteran and emerging Health Freedom groups, collectively, created a division in the Senate to force a review in Committee.
We made an impact and had emails quoted in the Senate, so they are hearing us.



All we have to do is make our voice heard. And that we want Shawn Buckley to have the opportunity to truly represent our interests in detail.

Please take a few minutes to PHONE, EMAIL AND FAX your concerns.

It’s really easy to do and can make a big difference.

There are 12 senators and 1 committee clerk. We must reach them all so please contact as many people from the list below as you can! Our CNHC group is very active. Please GET YOUR ACTIVIST ON today and again tomorrow.

It’s best to send short, strong and constructive written communication by email or fax. This time we have to call because we can’t risk not being heard. Here is a sample letter you can send as is, modify, or simply take some ideas from for your telephone call. You have lots of information on the subject. We know you can make this count.

Dear Senator ____________________ ,

Your Committee is now considering the approval of Bill C-6 which is a bill that I have very serious concerns about.

I am disturbed to learn that the Committee has not re-scheduled to hear from Shawn Buckley. I understand that he was offered a slot during a period of time which he was previously scheduled to be in Federal Court and that he has been denied the opportunity to be heard at a time when it is actually possible for him to attend.

I feel very strongly that Mr. Buckley is a uniquely qualified individual who truly speaks for the interest of Canadians. He is not only a Constitutional lawyer but also the author of the Canadian Charter of Health Freedom, which is a proposed legislation that nearly 40,000 Canadians have signed a petition supporting, with hundreds more signing on every single week.

I strongly believe that to proceed with your final analysis of Bill C-6 without hearing from Mr. Buckley would be a grave omission. One that would have not have heard from the voice of the Canadian public.

I urge you to hear from Shawn Buckley on November 25th, 2009.


Your Name, City & Province Here


You can call the toll free line and ask for the Senator 1-800-267-7362 but
if you can afford long distance then call the direct line to each Senator’s office. Call all 13. Email all 13. Fax all 13.

THEN let CNHC know that you did.

Please help get Shawn Buckley to in front of the Senate Committee for the Senators and the Canadian public.

Banks, Tommy L (AB)

T: 613-995-1889   F: 613-995-1938

Callbeck, Catherine L (PE)

T: 613-943-0686   F: 613-943-0693

Cordy, Jane L (NS)

T: 613-995-8409   F: 613-995-8432

Dyck, Lillian Eva L (SK)

T: 613-995-4318   F: 613-995-4331

Eaton, Nicole C (ON)

T: 613-947-4047   F: 613-947-4044

Eggleton, Art L (ON)

T: 613-995-4230   F: 613-995-4237

Fairbairn, Joyce L (AB)

T: 613-996-4382   F: 613-995-3223

Martin, Yonah C (BC)

T: 613-947-4078   F: 613-947-4082

Ogilvie, Kenneth C (NS)

T: 613-992-0331   F: 613-992-0334

Pépin, Lucie L (QC)

T: 613-996-1726   F: 613-996-8392

Segal, Hugh C (ON)

T: 613-995-4059   F: 613-995-5259

Keon, Wilbert Joseph C (ON)

T: 613-943-1415   F: 613-943-1796

Keli Hogan Committee Clerk!

T: 613-993-9021

“For the first time in Canadian history”, lawyer Shawn Buckley explains, “Bill C-6 not only abolishes the law of trespass, but also allows warrants to be issued to search private homes without evidence of criminal wrongdoing*… in violation of Section 8 of the Charter.”

Watch the video of Shawn Buckley explaining Bill C-6

Dr Rima Laibow explains Codex Alimentarius
Pay attention-this is about your food, who controls it and the ramifications for you and your family.
For the full presentation hit the You Tube logo on the video or watch related videos after you Watch Part 1


2 thoughts on “Bill C-6 – Precursor to Codex Alimentarius

  1. Note – I received a call this morning from Keli Hogan, Committee Clerk for the Senate Committee on Bill C-6. Shawn Buckley will be speaking to the Senate Committee, Nov 25th

  2. Thank you for this post. Myself and many friends have sent e-mails to the senators. I have been searching for information on the web about whether Mr. Buckley will be seen by the senate or not. Do you know if this has been granted at this point?

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