Sir Paul McCartney urges meat-free day to cut CO2

Editor: Another elitist piece of garbage telling the rest of us how to live. Piss off McCartney!

Until you sell off all your homes and move into a small house – shut your pie hole.

Besides, you can’t be all that bright if you got sucked into the fraud called “MMGW”

You are part of the problem not the solution.

Why don’t you stand up and do the right thing – denounce the UN/global warming/NWO fraud.

Sir Paul McCartney urges meat-free day to cut CO2

Writing in the Brussels-based Parliament Magazine, Sir Paul said: “Whilst we press politicians to pass global laws to reduce carbon emissions, we should not forget our individual capacity to act in ways that will help to fight climate change – such as limiting the eating of meat.

Sir Paul McCartney


Sir Paul McCartney urged world leaders to alter their food policies

Cutting out meat consumption on one day a week can have a major impact on reducing CO2 emissions, Sir Paul McCartney has said.

In an interview with Parliament Magazine he appealed for “people power” to make the difference in the fight against global warming.

He says halving UK meat consumption would do more to reduce emissions than halving the use of private transport.

Sir Paul will take his “Meat-free Monday” campaign to Brussels this week.

The estimated effect of the reduction in meat consumption, by Compassion in World Farming, is central to Sir Paul’s campaign which began last June and will continue on Thursday at a European Parliament conference.

The event is also being attended by UN climate change chief Dr Rajendra Pachauri.

Read the full  load of Sh*t from the BBC


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