An Environmentalist Awakens to the Truth

You left a comment on my blog about a year and a half ago – shortly after i first sarted it – your comment below for reference.
It was a comment that troubled my mind for quite some time as at the time it was something i could not comprehend and although i paid it heed and read through your site and agenda 21 you mentioned, after a couple of weeks of turmoil and wondering how to digest the new information before me, in the end i stopped dwelling on it and went back to my life as it was before – after encountering the truth, i picked myself up and carried on with life, as it were…
but something happened last christmas that really made me stop and think. i’m not sure exactly what it was (possibly discovering Immortal technique) but somthing clicked and i could no longer go back to my previous life. I immersed my self in researching the lies and conspiracies being perpetrated upon us and my world became chaos, and this is where i’ve been for the last year. It has not been a pleasant journey but i believe it was necessary. then a few months ago whilst following the tedious links, i stumbled back upon your blog and smiled.
I just wanted to write you this letter to thank you for playing your part in helping me become who i am today.
So where do we go from here?…
when i look back at my original plan for the Carrot Cake Education i realise how misdirected it was but at the same the i realise the core ideology is in the right place – to tackle problems at the root rather than simply  alleviate the symptoms. Only now i feel better informed about the real problems we need to be addressing. – at first it was a scary prospect, going up against such a powerful web of control engrained within the society we’ve helped build but then i realised  how easy it is to bring this house of cards tumbling down – because it’s all built upon our shoulders, we support it and allow it to continue controlling our lives, and it all stops, whenever we want it to – when we make a stand together and just say ‘no’.
atomcat Says:
July 8, 2008 at 2:00 am Hi! you made some good points.
But you missed the main point.
This is not about the environment.
If it was, you would be getting your free trees.
You would be getting large rebates to upgrade your home to make it more energy efficient. Your tax dollars at work.

This is about big business and control, not the environment. The environment is being used as a vehicle to forward their agenda. It keeps your mind off the real objective.

As Bush Sr. said”A new world order”

Please read Global Green Agenda found under Agenda 21 on my blog.
Also read Cloak of Green also found on my blog.
I’m just trying to help you understand.


2 thoughts on “An Environmentalist Awakens to the Truth

  1. hen i s in high school in the 70’s techer told me tht he s devout coummunist nd the green revolution ould envelope the orlrd. I hve no or letters on my key bord.

  2. I’m not in the habit of using other people’s site to advertise on but since my name has been published here I feel I should state for any one who looks at the Carrot Cake Education and Tour website, that it has not been updated in the last year and hence is often directed towards the wrong problems and goals. Please bare this in mind as I will soon be refocusing my energies on this project and there will be big changes to come.
    Thank for being kind.

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