Global Warming Hits Southern US Hard

By Ron Stephens

Global warming and the burning of fossil fuels has caused problems in Mississippi and Louisiana.

Up to 4″ of snow fell on Dec 4th causing power outages and icy bridges and overpasses in the area according to AP.

This is the earliest snow ever recorded in the area.

The environmentalists and the IPCC would have us believe that increased  C02 emissions will lead to the heating of the earth. Are they correct?

Not when you take into account the next earliest snowfall for the area was  ……….wait for it……………………Dec 11th 2008.

Using the logic of the environmentalists and the IPCC – the more fossil fuels burned and the more C02 released the sooner it will snow in the Southern US.

Makes sense to environmentalists and the IPCC.

How about you?

Time to start locking these “global warming” lunatics up – somewhere warm and safe, away from the rest of  Humanity.



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