David Suzuki and the CBC


Suzuki gets caught abusing children at CBC (Communist Broadcasting Corporation). Maybe they could change the name to the CEC

(Canadian Eugenics  Corporation) – much closer to the truth.

David Suzuki communist

David Suzuki - Canadian Traitor

Will Suzuki come clean on Green?


Story by Prosperous Individual

CBC Radio Employs Child Abuser as Friday Host

Make no mistake; even though this article reflects my personal opinion only, standing in front of a camera or in a room full of children and calling them “animals” is child abuse. And even though this is my opinion only and no charges have been filed, if calling children “animals” is not child abuse in your mind then there may be something wrong with your sensibilities.

On Friday, the thirteenth of November, The CBC radio program, “The Current”, had biologist and child abuser David Suzuki as its guest host. It is my opinion that calling children “animals” is child abuse. Well known biologist Richard Dawkins has called persons of faith child abusers for telling them there is such a thing as hell or a lake of fire but there are far more immediate consequenses to calling children “animals” and the consequences are manifesting in our societies at large.

David Suzuki used his time on the radio with an international audience to promote his religion of climate change and hatred of capitalism. Suzuki personifies the ridiculous. He expects the masses to embrace the false science of man made global warming which is nothing more than a tax-and-grab movement to fill the cauffers of the church of the modern philosophy of naturalism. This is evident in the discussion in case you have the stomach to listen to the child abuse spewing from the imbecile’s mouth. He does all of this with an apparent straight face in spite of the clear evidence pointing to the utter inability of human invovement to save even one walrus or move the thermometer even one degree.

A greater question I would like to pose is… why? Why are the people at CBC, which is totally tax-payer funded, allowed to promote this religion without any consequences? And why am I being forced to pay for it? This isn’t just any random radio station that you can turn off without any consequences. If I choose to ignore the employment of child abusers on the radio; radio that I’m being forced to pay for; and say nothing about it then I am complicit in what they are doing. I am complicit in the child abuse. For this I will not be held accountable. How about you?

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3 thoughts on “David Suzuki and the CBC

  1. David Suzuki is a prick. His fictitious green house panic buttons have none the less gathered a lot of innocent unsuspecting people. Only in Canada would you be able to feed garbage to people for as long as he has. He has been wrong on so many issues too numerous to mention. The big one is the horse poop he has been feeding on global warming. It has been proven that since 2006 the northern hemisphere has cooled every single year by a total of 1.6 degree C. Would he mention this to anyone? Of course not. David Suzuki has published a bible of manure so thick that his followers will be able to lean on it for years.

  2. Here is a suggestion for this wee little hateful man: If you hate Canada so much and every single HUMAN living here why don’t you move to your beloved China and join up with your hero and guru Maurice Strong?
    Oh yeah..they won’t let you in.they hate you too.

    I have listened to this wee twerp for many decades screaming gloom and doom to anyone who will listen to him all the while having a Government funded media entity such as CBC bolster his massive income and I have just one thing to say: SHUT UP!…MOVE out of Canada and leave us alone to do what we do best: Live Free without malice to anyone. Walk down the street in Toronto and ask any single immigrant in any of the 162 communities in this city and ask them if they love Canada? The overwhelming answer is YES!

    Suzuki!.your too old and too crazy to make a difference anymore!

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