“Copenhagen Only First Step Towards New Climate World Order”

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Chancellor Merkel: “Copenhagen Only First Step Towards New Climate World Order”

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Summary: The Climate Summit in Copenhagen ended in 1o centigrades below zero outside and an almost equally cold air between the parties inside. The elephant gave birth to a mouse in the form of a declaration of intent – but without specifying the CO2 cut targets of each country and the dates for them. Furthermore, it was decided to donate 30 billion dollars over the next 3 years and from 2020 around 100 billion dollars a year for measures to combate CO2 emissions in developing countries. But since there are no agreed control measures or emission targets it can be assumed that this money will disappear into the pockets of corrupt politicians. David Mayer de Rothschild says time to talk about the introduction of his family´s world governance through global climate management is over now. What he and his followers, like Ban Ki-moon, Jacques Chirac, EU President van Rompuy, Gorbachev – in addition to Barroso, Gordon Brown, Sarkozy, etc., who all have linked their life’s dream of world Communist government to the Copenhagen Conference, will do is now to be seen – but it will probably be very uncomfortable for us.
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