Climategate exposes how far the Greenies went!

Climategate exposes how far the Greenies went!
Lawrence Solomon: Wikipedia’s climate doctor
Posted: December 19, 2009, 2:49 AM by NP Editor

By Lawrence Solomon

The Climategate Emails describe how a small band of climatologists cooked the books to make the last century seem dangerously warm.

The emails also describe how the band plotted to rewrite history as well as science, particularly by eliminating the Medieval Warm Period, a 400 year period that began around 1000 AD.

The Climategate Emails reveal something else, too: the enlistment of the most widely read source of information in the world — Wikipedia — in the wholesale rewriting of this history.

The Medieval Warm Period, which followed the meanness and cold of the Dark Ages, was a great time in human history — it allowed humans around the world to bask in a glorious warmth that vastly improved agriculture, increased life spans and otherwise bettered the human condition.

But the Medieval Warm Period was not so great for some humans in our own time — the same small band that believes the planet has now entered an unprecedented and dangerous warm period. As we now know from the Climategate Emails, this band saw the Medieval Warm Period as an enormous obstacle in their mission of spreading the word about global warming. If temperatures were warmer 1,000 years ago than today, the Climategate Emails explain in detail, their message that we now live in the warmest of all possible times would be undermined. As put by one band member, a Briton named Folland at the Hadley Centre, a Medieval Warm Period “dilutes the message rather significantly.”

Even before the Climategate Emails came to light, the problem posed by the Medieval Warm Period to this band was known. “We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period” read a pre-Climategate email, circa 1995, as attested to at hearings of the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works. But the Climategate transcripts were more extensive and more illuminating — they provided an unvarnished look at the struggles that the climate practitioners underwent before settling on their scientific dogma.

The Climategate Emails showed, for example, that some members of the band were uncomfortable with aspects of their work, some even questioning the need to erase the existence of the Medieval Warm Period 1,000 years earlier.

Said Briffa, one of their chief practitioners: “I know there is pressure to present a nice tidy story as regards ‘apparent unprecedented warming in a thousand years or more in the proxy data’ but in reality the situation is not quite so simple. … I believe that the recent warmth was probably matched about 1,000 years ago.”
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3 thoughts on “Climategate exposes how far the Greenies went!

  1. This is fraud clear and simple.
    How far does it go?
    How many walked as they didn’t want to be involved?
    A clear signal needs to be sent for the future and the academic bodies should be first in line after the universities.

  2. Ask any pollster you can skew the data to get the response you want. All you have to do is ask the right questions. It is no different in science – this holy grail which we hold so dear. Biotech companies manipulate the data to show their latest product is harmless. If this was not the caee then why would governments have to enact ‘whistleblower’ legislation to protect those who seriously question the results of any report, study, or scientific experiment.
    Basically, check the source. Who funded the study, what is the agenda. Check it out yourself, and then decide.

  3. Imagine if the Climate Change data was manipulated by these people , what other scientific data could had possibly suffered the same ordeal ? Now I question is there such a thing as UFO’s/ET’s ? Is there really Life on Mars ? Is Humanity a product of this planet or were we truely ‘ placed ‘ here ?

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