Do you want anti-cancer drug in junk food?

Is this the beginning of Codex Alimentarius in Canada – it sure has the earmarks.
Consider it is recommended by the WHO – the same people that brought us the H1N1 pandemic.
Denmark home of the wind energy fraud and the Copenhagen climate/NWO accord (fraud)
Sweden home of the first Earth Conference promoting depopulation 1972 etc.
All born and bred through the UN/NWO and it’s multitude of NGO’s
I almost forgot to mention the Toronto Star – propagandist for the NWO
Time to wake up Canada!

Do you want anti-cancer drug in junk food? –

Ottawa is asking Canadians if they think a cancer-fighting enzyme should be added to junk food.

Putting the enzyme asparaginase in baked and fried food is a “high priority” for Health Canada, the government said Tuesday in calling for comments.

Canada is following the lead of Singapore, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Denmark, Mexico and Russia.

Companies such as McCain’s and Frito Lay are urging Ottawa to approve the food additive and any other substance that cuts down on the levels in processed food, junk food, bread and cereal of a probable carcinogen.

A joint study by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization approved adding the enzyme asparaginase to potato chips, French fries and packaged cookies in 2005.

A Swedish study in 2002 had set off alarms among consumers and the food industry worldwide when it discovered high levels of what was considered a probable carcinogen, acrylamide, formed in some food after high-temperature frying or baking.

Denmark moved first to include it, followed by the U.S. and, in May 2008, Australia and New Zealand. China gave the additive regulatory approval in October.

Canada started the long process of changing government regulations to allow the food additive nearly a year ago, when the government asked the opinions of food industry groups including the Baking Association of Canada, McCain Foods and Frito Lay Canada.

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