North American Union-Winnipeg Manitoba CentrePort Canada

Editor: While most North Americans were staring at the TV and watching the many mind numbing entertainment shows, your govt. has been quietly working to destroy Canada and the USA. Welcome to the North American Union – This is being passed off as great news for industry and trade. The reality is that it will effectively bring an end to Canadian Sovereignty.
The video below gives a recap of the story found in the Winnipeg Free Press

One of the key trade corridor initiatives that Transportation Policy and Service Development focuses on is the Mid-Continental Trade Corridor.  Manitoba’s position at the heart of North America makes it a key part of the Mid-Continent Trade Corridor, connecting Canada to a central North American market of 100 million people.  Through a system of connecting highways and rail routes, the corridor provides seamless and efficient transportation linking major commercial centres in the Canadian and American Midwest, through the Southwest, and deep into Mexico.  Intermodal in nature, the corridor allows cost-effective and safe movement of goods and people, minimizing both travel costs and time.  The corridor is shown in the graphic below. 
NASCO members include cities, counties, states, provinces and private sector representatives along the Corridor in Canada, the United States and Mexico, dedicated to maximizing the efficiency and security of their existing trade and transportation infrastructure.  The NASCO Corridor represents the existing trade and transportation infrastructure roughly shadowing U.S. Interstate Highways 35, 29 and 94, and the connecting transportation infrastructure in Canada and Mexico critical to national and international trade.  This includes major intermodal “inland ports” along the corridor and under development. Centreport Canada

The arrows in the pic above will cut the heart out of Canada and the USA – see the Wildlands Project
in video below

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