Canada is in Turmoil….

Canada is in Turmoil….

-Politicians are unaccountable to their constituents

-Your Public Trusts (hospitals, arenas etc.) are all being sold to private interests

-Canada’s Head of State is officially an unaccountable representative of a foreign monarchy who is in servitude to the banks and the true oppressors of the world

-Many Canadians can no longer afford their homes, or to eat properly- many are losing their jobs- their children’s future looks bleak

From a natural resource perspective Canada is the richest nation on earth- we as Canadians should and must not accept the current state of affairs unfolding before us

Join me in a public forum centered around peacefully and legally changing the political character of Canada to one that is moral and protective of human rights and dignity…

Join Your Host Doug Schapira of the

Owen Sound Free Press on the following Internet Radio Shows.

Every Saturday from 5:30 to 7pm Eastern Time

“A View From Inside Canada”

In this show we ask, “Is our current constitutional system protecting and serving Canadians?” I, among many other see that we must look outside the box and reach for the stars and form a new political paradigm in Canada or simply accept the current status quo and fall into the abyss, the choice is ours.

This week’s guest is Ron Stephens- Independent Candidate for the Ontario Legislature in 2007- Outspoken critic of the Man Made Climate Change Fraud and the United Nations- Ron sees a new Constitution for Canada as the first big step in the solution building process

The show is available at….

“The Canadian Veterans- Oath Keepers of Canada- Radio Show”

Every Sunday from 330 to 5pm Eastern

We are obviously becoming a police state in Canada- the writing is on the wall– We ask that police and military work in the best interests of the public as opposed to the will of the New World Order- This week’s special guest Reg Argue- Cdn Army Veteran and former UN Peace Keeper in Iran- Reg has renounced his allegiance to the Queen and sees a truly independent Canada as the solution to our woes.

The show is also on….

For more info on the fundamental problems facing Canada please review the following prior to the shows

“Canada, A Country Without A Constitution”

For More Info on the Canadian Oath Keepers Concept…

See Reg Argue- Canadian Army Veteran reciting Oath Keepers Mantra, he is my special guest this Sunday

For more info, and if you would like to be a guest on the show- please contact me asap


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