Global “sun block,” says Climate Scientist


So, David Keith thinks  it’s time to look into the idea of geoengineering. In case you haven’t noticed Mr. Keith, they have been spraying the skies for years.

Could it be that you’ve had your head stuck too far up the asses of the likes of Gore, Suzuki and Strong to notice.

The first video below the story will give you an understanding of what these criminal bastards are up to.


A prominent Canadian scientist says it’s time for the international community to start studying the use of global “sun blocks” as a way to fight climate change.

Sending particles into the atmosphere to block some of the sun’s rays and reduce global warming is fast and cheap, and it could just be a matter of time before some country tries it without regard for the rest of the planet, said David Keith in an opinion paper published Wednesday in the prestigious British journal Nature.

“The risks of not doing any serious research, not beginning to build the tools of governance, are bigger than the risks of doing it,” he said.

“We should admit that at some level, we’re in the gardening business with the planet and think about doing a good job and not a lousy job.”

Proponents suggest so-called “geoengineering” would probably take effect much more quickly than cutting emissions and at a fraction of the price. They also point out that years of international debate on emissions has produced almost no results and opening a high-altitude chemical parasol may soon be the only way to keep global warming at manageable levels.

“Solar-radiation management may be the only human response that can fend off rapid and high-consequence climate impacts,” wrote Keith, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Energy and the Environment at the University of Calgary.

Keith acknowledges the approach is no substitute for emissions cuts. It would also affect some countries differently than others, creating winners and losers.

“Some areas would be more protected from temperature changes.”

Geoengineering would lead to less precipitation and less evaporation. It could also weaken monsoon rains and winds.

But he warns that geoengineering is so simple and inexpensive that unless countries start talking about it, someone’s likely to go it alone. Any country, big or small, could simply contract the services needed to salt the air with any one of a number of sun-blocking chemicals that would change the entire globe.

“Like it or not, the power to do this exists,” said Keith. “We need to think about how we manage that.”

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Video I did in Apr. of 2008

Other videos of Chemtrail/geoengineering in Ontario Canada


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