Freeman On The Land Vs. The International Criminal Court, Buyer Beware

Doug Shapira Owen Sound Free Pressby Doug Shapira

Owen Sound Free Press

We should all be free, but as long as we are being herded around like sheep the world government will continue to infiltrate our freedom movements and subvert our quest for a decent society. Pass this on to anyone you know in the Freeman Movement.

World war I was orchestrated to convince independent nations that a World Government would be in their best interests to prevent further armed conflict. The League of Nations tried to make that happen after WW I, it was largely unsuccessful. World War II was orchestrated to try and get World Government going again.

The Post WW II Nuremburg Trials allowed the Global Government to set up their International War Crimes Tribunal. This new court allowed the orchestrators of WWII to get rid of Nazi’s who would tell the world how the British royalty, The US Government, US Corporations and the Vatican all worked closely on the same side as Adolf Hitler to carry out WWII. This war actually got the sheeple to consent to International Law to solve the World’s problems and prevent armed conflict– The very problems the fledgling United Nations created themselves and continues to this day.

About fifty years after WW II the UN and their masters in the Vatican decided it was time to move the International Criminal Court System into hyper-space. In the 1990s the same powers that started the two world wars decided that another conflict would help institute the criminal court into a world treaty. The best way the power brokers at the top of the proverbial pyramid could move along was to start another war, this time in the now former nation of Yugoslavia. Using the Serbians as the scapegoats for the war, the same way they did in WWI when they blamed the Serbs for an assassination of an Arch-Duke, again all of a sudden war was rampant in Europe.

In order for World Government to be operative it requires a system of law, a mode of jurisprudence, a court system that would have jurisdiction in all matters. In 1998 Canada and several other nations ratified and signed on to the United Nations Statute of Rome, otherwise known as the International Criminal Court (ICC). Serbian leader Slobidan Milosevic,  was arrested by the UN and died while awaiting trial in the Hague, Holland in an ICC detention centre.

Subsequent to Canada signing on to the ICC– Statute of Rome Treaty, the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act was passed into law in Canada. This law would further advance the incremental implementation of the ICC in Canada and in its application the law strikes down section 15 of the Criminal Code of Canada (CCC) This particular part of the CCC protects persons in Canada from being liable criminally for not obeying the laws of a defacto or unofficial sovereign or fictional ruling body/ government– this removes any potential for the UN to be considered an unofficial judicial power in Canada and PERSONS, human beings or Freemen simply not consenting to it.

Make no mistake the ICC is not exclusively for prosecuting tyrannical government figures or blood thirsty military commanders, it applies to everyone except the judges and other high officials of the ICC court, they are immune. Many people in Canada are simply opting out of their corporate legal fiction status in Canada, with a Claim of Right –a document that among other things exempts one from the jurisdiction of the Statutory Law System in Canada and essentially makes Canadians immune to the law in Canada.  I also know of a few people who had charges dropped by not crossing the bar when called in court, but rather standing and saying “I do not consent to the contract, and I waive the benefits thereof.”  It’s all contract law.  It requires your acceptance (in the form of a plea, usually) in order to be enforced.

Law is considered contractual and corporate, so the Free man movement is actually exempting people from court prosecution by not consenting to being branded as a PERSON, which is lawfully equivalent to being a corporation. The ICC has that base covered in Article 25 of the Statute of Rome which allows the court to prosecute “Natural Persons” in other words “Freemen” or non-corporate individuals. So the term “legal fiction” has no bearing in absolving the jurisdiction of the court over the individual. Just to make sure the smart asses at the ICC put in Article 19 which allows the ICC to satisfy itself that it has  jurisdiction in all matters brought before it.

It’s time to wake up Canada, the New World Order is another hoax which covers for the real threat, The Old World Order ran by Rome, hence the Statute of Rome and its absolute jurisdiction over everything. Under this world justice system due process and a fair trial are the only “legal fiction” that exists. Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan once pointed out how nations that can prosecute criminals effectively have nothing to worry about, but in the case of those nations who cannot, the ICC will step in. If the Freeman movement is too good to be true, then that is what it is-buyer beware.

Under the ICC/ Statute of Rome, if charged with a crime Canadians could be shipped to a foreign land for a trial, there is no guarantee that you will be shipped home after your sentence, you could have your sentence increased after the verdict is passed, you can be arrested and face trial more than once for the same crime and incident. The court lays much of its decision making process on “belief” as opposed to “hard evidence.” Even in Nations where the ICC is not officially accepted the court still claims jurisdiction. Nations that opt out of the ICC still fall under its jurisdiction.

Countless people are planning on putting politicians, judges, police and other authorities in Canada before the ICC, and rightly so if they are corrupt they should face justice. The problem is that we are inviting this system into our lives more and more. Rome will sacrifice a few low level Masons from the Canadian Court System and even police and military to advance their order, it happens all the time. It is all about incremental diplomacy and the biggest wild card yet to be adopted by the ICC is the crime of “Aggression” which is yet to be defined. This could easily mean that two buddies who might have had too much to drink at a pub who subsequently decided to wrestle it out might be charged with aggression under the ICC. They subsequently could be shipped to another land for trial, jailed in a foreign land and may never see home again.

We need to understand as Canadians that WE THE PEOPLE must establish a new national common law system to ensure our future is one that includes freedom. As long as we consent to the Old World Order and its totalitarian agenda we will get closer to the day where we will no longer be able to exist. Beware of Rob Menard’s Claim of Right template that requires you to claim your human rights under the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), this is signing away your freedom to the World Government Par Excellence as you are consenting to the UN’s authority over you. Section 29 line 30 of the United Nations UDHR allows the World Court/ICC to disregard any right that was bestowed upon you by your creator if they conflict with the “princples and purposes of the UN.”

We as Canadians are being herded around like sheep, beware of much of the so called “Freedom and Alternative Media Movement” much of it is run by the OLD WORLD ORDER, like Mr. Menard says, “It’s all smoke a mirrors, deception is the key.”

– In good Faith and in solidarity with my fellow Canadians, Douglas M Schapira

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4 thoughts on “Freeman On The Land Vs. The International Criminal Court, Buyer Beware

  1. Quote: “So now Robert Mennard is in cahoots with the illumiati plan, and is a great deciever.. lol.. come on !!

    I know he used to be in freemasonry, but come on..”

    Actually he is a stone mason, as in, building with stone, fire places, ovens, bbq’s and the like as a hobby.

    so many confuse freeman who is a mason, with free masons

    Anyway, great article, interesting perspective. Much more new reading to do! Thank you!

    Peace above all

  2. Hugh

    I’m not wrong! The UN was formed specially to bring about a World govt. If you agree with their goal then you are a traitor to the sovereign state of Canada. It’s that simple. I realize you were educated by the “public” school system and there in lies much of your problem accepting the truth behind the UN goals. Freedom or Tyranny my friend.
    Canadian or Globalist. Who started the wars Hugh? The same people pushing World govt. Think!!!

  3. Just a thought: what if you’re wrong?

    What if the UN and ICC are supported by genuinely well-intentioned and informed people, wanting to make the world safer, fairer, and more peaceful?

    Do you believe that making the world a more fragmented, anarchical place, where anyone can disobey any law they don’t like, is actually in the best interests of anyone except the law-breakers?

  4. So now Robert Mennard is in cahoots with the illumiati plan, and is a great deciever.. lol.. come on !!

    I know he used to be in freemasonry, but come on..

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