Ontario Federation of Agriculture Sells Out Rural Ontario


At the beginning of this video you will see logos of the founders of the Green Energy Act.

Besides the Eco-Nazis you will also see the logo for the OFA (Ontario Federation of Agriculture)

So, we know the OFA is in bed with the Eco-Nazis. The aim of the Eco-Nazis is to run people out of rural areas – see Freedom 21 Santa Cruz (last video on side bar)

While I have tried to educate people on the realities facing rural Ont. WCO (Wind Concerns Ontario) and several other groups have done the opposite. The only subject they wish to discuss is health issues- not the driving forces behind these projects.

WHY? Are they stupid, not being honest, or controlled opposition – come to your own conclusions.

These wind groups keep asking councils to enact moratorium on wind development. Both they and council know they have no power to do so, since the GEA was enacted.

Not one council or rural MPP stood up and fought the  GEA before it was enacted – so why do these wind groups think they will stand up now.

The councils give the impression they want a moratorium, but one must question their past actions.

Besides, a great number of council members are members of the OFA.

Think long and think hard!

The OFA and rural councils have handed rural Ont. over to the Eco-Nazis.

I have a very workable solution, but the wind groups don’t want to go there.


If you are going to be impacted by a wind farm in Ont. you better start asking those you think are working for you some hard questions.

(Feel free to contact me.)

If you plan to live in rural Ontario you better get involved and soon. They’re coming for your water next!

OFA and ECO-NAZIS – working hand in hand!


4 thoughts on “Ontario Federation of Agriculture Sells Out Rural Ontario

  1. In Scotland, “World Beating Climate Capital of the Green Energy Bonanza”, the windmills proved to be useless during the entire month of December 2010. In the following discussion which can be heard on The Fraudulent Climate Website. The Radio Show Host struggles to understand the arguments put forward by the Green Mummers, and they contradict their own contentions, with sometimes hilarious results.

    Scotland at Ten – Climate Debate – BBC Radio

    Click the name “Axel” to find the show on the main index page of the website, and hoards more of related and arcane video and audio recordings.

  2. Why hasn’t someone thrown a net over this guy and locked him away in a rubber room somewhere?

    To allow insanity like this to be broadcast by any media outlet without “questioning” the logic behind his statements makes that media outlet and any other person involved with this guy as guilty as he is. David Suzuki invited this guy to talk beside him last summer at the U of T and he never showed up. Maybe it was the presence of “protesters” at that meeting that scared him off?

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