World Water Day


Welcome to 1984, where the Ministry of Truth (Lies) writes whatever load of crap they want and it’s passed off as reality.

I give you “World Water Day” from the BBC.  Make no mistake, this is Agenda 21, it’s real and it’s ugly. Not sure what Agenda 21 is? Watch Freedom 21 Santa Cruz – last video on the side bar.

Agenda 21 says agriculture is not sustainable. Think about that for a minute. Also take the time to read Green Agenda and Cloak of Green on top page bar.

The same amt of water will always be on this earth – it’s not like your bathtub – it has no plug.  Look to the sky and the chemtrails – these pricks have the ability to manipulate the weather. Remember, Sir Paul McCartney (elitist a-hole) had a rain storm stopped so it didn’t interfere with a concert.

Earth Hour, Earth Day and World Water Day!

What’s missing? Human Day!

Man is the Enemy – Club of Rome

from the BBC

While the world is rightly moving to address the challenges presented by climate change and depleting supplies of fossil fuels, the same awareness and consensus does not exist when it comes to addressing our usage of water. Yet the harsh fact is that we will probably run out of water long before we run out of fuel.

We need to act fast, now.

What most consumers might not be aware of is that agriculture accounts for 70% of global water usage today, and how the need to feed the growing population of the world will put an even greater strain on already scarce water resources.

And in recent years food and water supplies have also been significantly affected by the use of agricultural land and resources on the production of biofuels.

The 2030 Water Resources Group also predicts that industrial use of water will almost double by 2030. It currently accounts for 16% of total usage – more than half of it for energy production – and this will grow to a projected 22% by 2030 with China alone accounting for 40% of the additional demand.

The challenge facing governments, businesses and – arguably – all of us, is how to close the gap in supply in a way that is both environmentally sustainable and economically viable. At the moment we are coping by ‘borrowing’ water supplies from non-replenishable aquifers or from water reserved for environmental needs, an approach which is clearly not a long-term solution.

from the BBC


One thought on “World Water Day

  1. These “degenerate” industrialists are just “few” whereas WE are the “many”!

    Time to see through this assault on our very existence and stand up to the “evil despots”.

    Without Government Funding and donations of money from uninformed people these “social lepers” would just shrivel up and die!

    Cut off their supply of cash and watch them drown in the very water they want to sell off!

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