New World Order For Dummies


Join John King (America) and Ron Stephens (Canada) on Freedomizer Radio as they explore who and what is behind the New World Order.

What is the NWO plan for you and your family?

On this show we will deal with the realities facing America and Canada.

We will discuss the common threats  and offer solutions we can use to chase the NWO from our sovereign lands.

Please call in and express your ideas and solutions – This show is about you, your family and country. How do we push back the NWO?

Plan to tune in for our inaugural show Sunday March 28th at 6pm eastern on Freedomizer Radio

You can show the NWO you are on to their lies and deceptions by turning on all the lights in your home during Earth Hour – 8:30 pm March 27th.

Encourage your friends and family to do the same. Call in and let us know how bright your home and street was during this NWO “psychological fraud” called Earth Hour.

New World Order for Dummies – Show 1

Freedomizer Radio

Please watch Freedom 21 Santa Cruz – last video on the sidebar. Read Cloak of Green and Green Agenda, then tune into NWO for Dummies

Earth Hour 2010 Protest The Fraud


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