Canada to Become a Green Fascist State

Distinguished Fellows
Jacques Gérin
Art Hanson
Jim MacNeill, Chair Emeritus
Maurice Strong
Founding Chair
Lloyd McGinnis
Friends of the Institute
Gro Harlem Brundtland
Gary Filmon
José Goldemberg
Jim MacNeill
Brian Mulroney
Sir Shridath Ramphal
Maurice Strong



Ever wonder what your tax dollars are being used for?

Call it communism or fascism – no matter, it does signal the end of Canada as you thought you knew it.

More important than the green drivel contained in the document, are the institutions and people funding it. Keep an eye on the side margin as you go through the document. Take note of  how many institutions are against you in your fight.

Who would have though that a place like Winnipeg would be host to such a hot bed of traitors. Not surprising really, when you understand that government bodies from the Municipal level to the Federal level are working with the UN to reach their “common goal”.

Then again, Winnipeg is the end of the NAFTA hwy.

One of the major and arguably most obvious breakthroughs in IISD’s history

humanitarians08_vol3_c14 was its involvement in the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. Rio was a significant event, attracting heads of state and NGOs from around the world. Not only was it a globally significant event, it was in many ways IISD’s debut on the international stage.
The institute could not help but become involved when one of its own board
members, Maurice Strong, an individual who also played a significant role in the Brundtland Commission, was named the conference’s secretary general. In addition to the role that Strong played in the summit, IISD “made commitments of both human and financial resources to certain projects contributing to the UNCED preparatory process,”51 and used the event as an opportunity to widely release its first major report: Business Strategy for Sustainable Development: Leadership and Accountability for the ‘90s. Following the summit, Lloyd McGinnis, chair of IISD’s board of directors noted:

The UN flag is already flying proudly in my community. While it’s not the actual UN flag, it is of their creation.

It’s the “Blue Flag” signifying a clean beach. In other words, the UN has already come ashore

The Maple Leaf should be the only Flag flying in this Country – including the beach.

Read Cloak of Green ( many of the names in the IISD doc are found there) read Green Agenda, it will give you a real eye-opening education – both on top bar.  Freedom 21 Santa Cruz – a great explanation of Agenda 21 – last video on sidebar.

Giant statue of Lenin and Mao the talk of Richmond BC


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