Bill 72 – Water in the Cross-Hairs !!!

by Ron Stephens

Bill 72

Like the wind farms, Bill 72  is one more facet of Agenda 21
Like it or not – the long-term plan is to drive people off the land and out of their homes.
When fully implemented, few will be able to afford private ownership of property.

In fact, in the Saturday Edition of the Toronto Star, a column states that “too many own their own property in Ont. and this must change”.

People get conned by controlled media  into believing the govt. is only doing what they do to improve the environment. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The govt. is about to make massive restrictions on your use of  “your” resources.
Not only that – they intend to dictate what products you may use.
Can 80 grit 1 ply be far off?

Bill 72, like wind farms, is not about the  environment, the future of Ontario or its residents.

If you still haven’t come to terms with Agenda 21 watch Freedom 21 Santa Cruz – last video on sidebar.

I first spoke of these issues three years ago. No one wanted to listen.
How about now?

Please pass this outrageous  Bill on to everyone you know.

Expect a Bill similar to Bill 72 to show up in other Provinces and throughout the USA

Sustainability is Agenda 21

Bill 72


One thought on “Bill 72 – Water in the Cross-Hairs !!!

  1. The mad push is on as we write here to export our water, regulate our water and own OUR water by the nameless faceless non elected body of “fake leaders” who are attempting to “usurp” the very Governments we elect and control with our various “Laws of the Common People. They are called the U.N. and have no right whatsoever to even set foot on our land without OUR permission!
    Maude Barlow is leading the so called “saving of the planet” by attempting to con people into thinking the people of the world are dying of thirst and need our abundant fresh water supplies! Whoever this woman thinks she really is, one piece of solid advice for her: “keep your stinking hands off MY WATER!”

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