Inuit Call “Global Warmers” Liars

Polar bears not at risk: Nunavut

We're breeding like bunnies eh!

The Nunavut government does not think the polar bear should be classified as a species of special concern under the federal Species at Risk Act, says territorial Environment Minister Daniel Shewchuk.

Scientists on the committee have argued that although Canada’s polar bear population has improved over the last 50 years, the future of the species could be threatened by climate change and receding sea ice.

You have to watch the language. “The scientists agree the bear population has improved over the last 50 years, they “could” be threatened by climate change”.

The scientists don’t say “are threatened”. The scientists still seem sold on the idea of “”climate change” – which is the natural state of climate, so that’s not to hard to accept.

What happened to,  “the Polar Bears will all die because of Man Made Global Warming”?

Those subpopulation have been of concern to scientists who said their numbers are declining. Inuit in those areas have disputed the scientific claims, saying they have seen more bears.

Shewchuk said he expects a backlash from the federal government and environmental groups to his decision.

Full story CBC

So there you have it – the bears are not threatened, and in fact there are more, not less bears.

Bring those promoting the scam of “Man Made Global Warming” before the courts where justice can served.

Fraud is a crime!

Here’s a video from 1958 predicting global warming – still waiting

Global Warming Video 1958

Here’s an article from 1922 – says it was pretty warm back then. Obviously not from industrial C02 emissions

Getting Warm; Seals Vanish and Icebergs Melt. November 2nd, 1922. Arctic Ocean

Greenpeace admits it wasn’t telling the truth

Greenpeace Choking on its Own Bullshit!

Two of the better known fraudsters

Gore and Suzuki – Child Abusers?

The real goal of the environmentalists

Understanding the Environmental Movement


3 thoughts on “Inuit Call “Global Warmers” Liars

  1. Another crime by the Ecocondriacs is the Oil spill in the gulf of Mexico.They have ,through legislation (EPA) push oil rigs further and further out to sea and then sit and wait for an accident to happen,just like they were warn it would,so they can blame it on big oil again.BP is the biggest “Green” oil company.

  2. Quixote
    While I agree with your sentiment, I don’t think the UN is right place to prosecute these criminals. Considering the UN,IPCC,World Bank,IMF etc. are all in on the scam, I think a “peoples court” would serve the purpose better. After all, it is “the people” these criminal con artists are harming. The other way would be like letting the crooks pass judgment on each other.

  3. Every “global warmer” who has received funding from any Government to promote their lies and every single NGO that has accepted Public Money to further the Global Warming Scam should stand trial for massive fraud causing harm to humans world-wide!

    The amount of damage caused by this subversive scheme to further the evil interests of elitists can be considered a “Crime against Humanity” and should be punishable by the very court set up by the UN to prosecute criminals as such!

    Global Warmers are at the very lowest scale of humanity!

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