Paul Martin “A Canadian Traitor” Speaks

Paul Martin is Ex-Prime minister of Canada and Full Time UN Puppet

Kelly Grant

Globe and Mail Update Published on Sunday, May. 30, 2010 4:14PM EDT

Paul Martin - Canadian Traitor

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the first gas-tax cheque Ottawa cut for municipalities. The money was the cornerstone of a new deal for cities crafted by former prime minister Paul Martin, who also helped found the G20. Mr. Martin talks to The Globe about what lies ahead for two of his legacy projects.

We’re coming up on the five-year anniversary of your new deal for cities. Is the deal working the way you hoped?

The gas tax is certainly working out the way we would have hoped. I don’t want to be partisan here … [but] the purpose of the new deal was to make sure that the partnership between the three orders of government was strong and the cities were an essential part of that. I still think we’ve got some way to go before that partnership is as strong as I would like to see it.

What do you think is missing?

Virtually everything that Ottawa does affects our cities and our communities in one way or another, and I’m not sure that those kinds of discussions have developed to the extent that I would like to see them.

Are you concerned about what will happen to cities once the Harper government’s stimulus money dries up?

Our cities are on the front lines of virtually every social issue and they are also where the competition with the rest of the world takes place. To be financing all of this on the basis of property tax is simply inadequate. If cities have got growing responsibilities, they’ve got to have a growing tax base. That was the purpose of the gas tax … stimulus programs are important, but you need the infrastructure regardless. And you can’t just cut it off.

The G20 was another one of your babies. How well do you think that body is working now?

I think it’s done very, very well. I think that the meetings that are going to be held in Toronto and in Seoul are very important.

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Saddam invested one million dollars in Paul Martin-owned Cordex

by Judi McLeod,
Friday, April 22, 2005

The Canadian company that Saddam Hussein invested a million dollars in belonged to the Prime Minister of Canada, has discovered.

Cordex Petroleum Inc., launched with Saddam’s million by Prime Minister Paul Martin’s mentor Maurice Strong’s son Fred Strong, is listed among Martin’s assets to the Federal Ethics committee on November 4, 2003.

Among Martin’s Public Declaration of Declarable Assets are: “The Canada Steamship Lines Group Inc. (Montreal, Canada) 100 percent owned”; “Canada Steamship Lines Inc. (Montreal, Canada) 100 percent owned”–Cordex Petroleums Inc. (Alberta, Canada) 4.6 percent owned by the CSL Group Inc.”

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    One thought on “Paul Martin “A Canadian Traitor” Speaks

    1. What gives these inflated greasy corrupt “business people” the RIGHT to speak on OUR behalf….to make decisions that directly affect US in a negative way or to even get their grubby fat fingers on OUR money?

      WE have allowed OURSELVES to be screwed, blued, and tattooed without even a bloody “whimper”!

      I says “ya get what ya pays for!”

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