Bill C-36 – Canada Consumer Product Safety Act

A few words from a Proud Traitor of Canada and it’s People

Gerald Keddy MP – Member’s Statement – December 14, 2010

Update Dec 15 2010

Bill C-36 is Now LAW!

Merry Christmas Canada!

Update from Jeremy Posted on November 1

Bill C-36 Goes Back to Senate


Thanks  Jeremy Arney, of BC,  for keeping us informed about the treasonous “Canada Consumer Product Safety Act” now called Bill C-36.

This is Bill C-6 –  reintroduced as Bill C-36.

This is important,  please read the full text.  Don’t forget to leave your comments and thoughts.

An Open Letter to the Canadian Minister of Health,

Bill C-36.


Once again Minister you are causing me sleepless nights with your re-introduction of this falsely named “Canada Consumer Product Safety Act” – Bill C-36.  The Hazardous Products and Criminal Code Acts are concerned with safety of the consumer. This Bill C-36 is promoting the loss of Canadian sovereignty and will lead to loss of the rights and freedoms of the Canadian People and remove the fundamentals of the rule of law in this country. The Minister of Justice refuses to see this which in my mind amounts to treason.

For three years now Harper has been trying to get this Bill though, and it is still largely a skeleton Bill, with the “regulations” being mentioned on 23 of 37 pages (sometime 6 times on a  page).  However I am unable to find any trace of regulations on your web site and so I am wondering if you have any, or are you just relying on importing  them from “foreign governments” and “bodies of foreign states”.

The claim you and your Alliance/Reform coalition government make is that you need extra powers for recall of dangerous products, yet I can only see a page and a bit of that in this skeleton of the bill so it must be in the regulations. Those powers already exist in the HPA and Criminal Code but they are not being exercised by Health Canada or even the Minister of Justice.

Where are these new tools and regulations please?

You keep asking for support for this Bill but considering how many times you have bought it back it is even more incumbent on you and your government that you bring in the complete package, not just a shell.


The Government has listened to the concerns of consumers and parents alike, who want to be confident that the products they buy will be safe for them and their children.

There is a difference between parents and consumers?

Everyone who is a consumer wants safe products and is entitled to them. It is up to the manufacturers to provide that safety and for the government to oversee that safety without impinging on the rights of ordinary Canadians. This will not happen, no matter what powers or tools you put in place, if Health Canada is not an agency of the people, free from political and corporate interference.

Bill C-36 would give the Government the authority to issue mandatory recalls for dangerous consumer products, and provide new tools to quickly and effectively protect the health and safety of Canadians.

After three years of hearing about these tools don’t you think we should know what they will be? How will they differ from those that are already in place through HPA and The Criminal Code?

2 (a) Still from your website followed by defintions from Bill C-36 & Blacks Law.

Bill C-36 would raise the level of consumer protection in Canada, by bringing our product safety regime in line   with our major trading partners. Canadians should expect no less.

>From Section 37 of Bill C-36
(2)a regulation made under this Act may incorporate by reference documents produced by a person or body other than the minister including by:

(c) a government

from section 2 definitions:

“government” :

(e) a government of a foreign state or of a sub divisions of foreign states

(f) an international organisation of states.

>From Black’s Law Dictionary:


(3), loosely, is required to; shall; must. In dozens of cases, courts have held “may” to be synonymous with shall or must, usually in an effort to effectuate legislative intent.

When you put these items from 2(a) above together, how can you deny that it is the intent to import regulations as you do not appear to have made any of your own yet?  Mr Harper is on a course to have us harmonised with the USA as soon as possible and this section combined with these definitions, incorporated into any other bill or all other bills, will do that very quickly, and our sovereingty and self determination will be gone.  For the sake of a sovereign Canada we must remove the ability of foreign governments to dictate our Canadian regulations.


I also quote from your Ministry website:

(Bold is my emphasis)


The new proposed Canada Consumer Product Safety Act would place a huge administrative burden on business.


Before moving forward with this proposed Act, Health Canada sought the opinions and recommendations of stakeholders, including industry representatives and consumer groups. While a few of the proposed requirements (e.g. mandatory reporting, requirement to produce test results upon request, etc.) may necessitate some additional accountability for industry, it is important to note that most industry players are already doing the vast majority of these activities.

Why? Because of the Hazardous Products ACT  Section 5.1 (1) and the Criminal Code?

To further minimize the impact, Health Canada will continue to work closely with industry to streamline any new requirements and to ensure that any additional responsibilities are proportionate to risk. The purpose of the proposed new Act is to heighten industry’s responsibility to ensure that they are not marketing consumer products that could pose an unreasonable danger to human health or safety. Overall, this means the improved health and safety of Canadians and increased consumer confidence.

I seem to be missing something here as the whole aim of this Bill is to put the regulation and enforcement of this proposed Act into the hands of Health Canada’s inspectors, giving them the tools to make recalls amongst other things,  yet here you are clearly saying the opposite. You want even more control to be exerted by industry. This is just another form of a Reaganistic trickle down theory which allows Health Canada to escape responsibilty, whilst increasing thuggery.


With this proposed new Act, Canadians can be guaranteed that every product on the market is safe.


While this proposed legislation would significantly improve the product safety regime in Canada, everyone has a role to play. Product safety is in everyone’s best interest, including Canadians, industry and governments.

Under the proposed legislation, suppliers would continue to be responsible for ensuring that products they manufacture, import, sell or advertise in Canada are safe. The Government would work with industry to enhance consumer product safety and would introduce new tools to take corrective action when problems arise.

It’s also important to note that Canadians have a role to play. Consumers should report any incidents related to unsafe products to both Health Canada and the company. This reporting can further help the Government proactively address problems with unreasonably dangerous products and inform consumers about potential risks…

….the Canadian government would work with industry …..and would introduce new tools…. Surely that should read WILL not would, and what will those tools be?  Yet again the emphasis here seems to be mainly on industry and a little on consumers to do the work for Health Canada. Somehow I thought Health Canada was supposed to work for Canadians not the other way around.

I would also point out again that the H1N1 vacinne was neither proven safe or even effective prior to you insisting it should be given to as many Canadians as possible inspite of warnings from GlaxoSmithCline. So where does the fault for the use of this toxic vaccine lie?   Are you as Health Minister aware of just how many side effects or even deaths have resulted from and are still occuring as a result of this vaccination program of yours?

Recall ?

Product Name

McDonald’s “Shrek Forever After” Collectable Drinking Glasses

Full Product Description

This recall involves the “Shrek Forever After” 16-ounce collectable drinking glasses distributed by McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada. The glasses come in four designs depicting the following characters: Shrek, Fiona, Puss n’ Boots, and Donkey.

Hazard Identified

The designs on the glasses contain cadmium. Long term exposure to cadmium can cause adverse health effects. This glassware was tested and determined to be in full compliance with Canadian requirements for heavy metals including cadmium.

Neither McDonald’s Canada nor Health Canada has received reports of illnesses related to the use of these products.

“This glassware was tested and determined to be in full compliance with Canadian requirements….” Forgive me Minister, but my mind boggles that on one hand you clear these glassses for use as safe, and then because the US issued a recall on these glasses you did as well..  I do not find this too encouraging, however it does fall into Harper’s plan to rely on the USA and EU to make all our regulations and recalls for us.  Again if Health Canada was truly independent and concerned with the safety of Canadians we would be well protected anyway

4                                                     BILL C-36

Before I go to Bill C-36 itself, I should tell you I have just heard about your raid on Marigold Compounding and Natural Pharmacy of Courteny, BC

On June 14, four inspectors from Health Canada, accompanied by two RCMP officers, and inspectors from the College of Pharmacists of BC raided the pharmacy and seized products without NPN’s (Natural Product Number) and ordered the closure of the store.

What is the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD)? The NHPR (Natural Health Products Regulations) came into full effect in January 2010. It is federal legislation through which Health Canada would legislate the sale of natural health products as it does “drugs” through the Food and Drug Act and the Food and Drugs Regulation. With the classification as drugs, the intent is to have all natural products develop a body of evidence based on science. The fact that natural ingredients can not be patented poses a dilemma for manufacturers. Natural ingredients can be isolated and purified and even chemically altered, but does this change the properties? Are they still natural? (bold is my emphasis)

I am sure the inspectors from big pharma have no idea what natural health products are as they only know how to do drugs.  No wonder you were happy to insert Section 4 (3)into Bill C-36, as it is meaningless. This is all covered under the NHPD using the same sort of tactics as those used in Edmonton against Dr. Eldon Dahl in his home.

In Marogold’s case it was not “a thing” removed , it was $146,290 of products and the store remains closed by the College of Pharmacists, acting I assume on behalf of big Pharma, certainly not Health Canada or the wellfare of locals or customers of Marigold.  Instead of treasuring a revolutionary idea concerned with nothing but the health and well being of their customers who choose natural products for their health, you have allowed them to be raided, closed and you have siezed their stock. So much for health and safety and employment. It’s all in the administrative regulations isn’t it?

Now to Bill C-36:

Carrying over from Bill C-6 in the last session which was put before parliament under the guise of “safety”, always a hard thing for any MP to vote against, whilst underneath was the controlling fist of:

Removal of the Rule of Law;

The removal of the Laws of Trespass;

The right for the Canadian Parliament to determine its own regulations without interference from foreign states or corporations;

The removal of the right to be deemed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law;

The removal of the right to protection against unreasonable search and seizure of property;

The removal of the right to have a court hear a defense or even to have an appearance before a court;

The removal of the right to have the courts act as a protection against false accusation;

The removal of the right to retain control of a ligitimate company without it being forced into bankruptcy on the suspicion,  false or real, of wrongdoing.

I have read and re-read this entire Bill C-36 and have made so many notations and questions that it would take a book as long as the Bill C-9 (2010) to list them all.

Regulations are mentioned on almost every page but I can find absolutely no indication of what the regulations are to be.  You are again expecting parliament to accept you and this Bill at face value, and trust that you will have regulations to put in place eventually.  Minister, your trust factor is non existant after the H1N1 fiasco last year, and your ranting in the Commons at the Senate for doing their job of looking out for Canadian’s interests and rights with the previous Bill C-6, prior to the proroguing of parliament for the second time in a year. Maybe you knew that was coming.

I do know that if I was on the committee of either House I would be wanting to question Health Canada and you on almost every section, paragraph by paragraph as it is so full of potential double meanings, very few of which have to do with safety.  Oh no, I forgot for a moment I could only get you or some other Minister, such as Justice, because Health Canada officials are now barred from appearing before House of Commons committees aren’t they?

5                      SOME OF MY OBSERVATIONS OF BILL C-36

Section 2 Definitions you have added a new one: “storing”. Which suggests that if I want to store long tipped lawn darts for my personal use you do not have a problem with that even if they are on Schedule 2.

The Purpose of the ACT (2) quite clearly does not include your travesty with the H1N1 vaccine, so my question is what else does it not include?. Gardasil maybe? Safety from attack by Health Canada Inspectors seems to be missing to.

7 No manufacturer or importer shall manufacture, import, advertise or sell a consumer product that

(a) is a danger to human health or safety.

There is no quantification here so a simple thing like a paper cut that festers would fall into this catergory.  Therefore the sale of paper could be subject to this section, and after one reported paper cut event, then paper could be recalled in Canada . Or maybe the plastic wraps that are so prevalent in today’s market place that require scissors or an axe to open. Maybe the unkown regulations have something to say about this.

13(1) (b) prescribed documents.  What does prescribed mean? It means “by regulation”..what regulation?

14 (1)(d) a recall or measure that is initiated for human health or safety by

(i) a foreign entity

Here we go again, USA and EU, to mention but two that will control our recalls. I assume that Health Canada will add these foreign entities to their list of bosses and serve them well.

Sections 15, 16 and 17 are very dangerous to any business which offends either you or one of your inspectors or your pharma friends because you and or your inspectors can reveal their confidential information without their consent, and ruin their business without any apparent laibility.

In 17 (3) you then define business day as a “day other than Saturday or a holiday.” What happened to Sunday? Is it now a regular work day?  Do government employees know that? Why then is parliament not open on Sundays?

19 (2) The  minister may designate an individual as an inspector…what is an individual?

The definition of “person” in Section 2 refers to the Criminal Code definition also in section 2, but the defnition for person does not exist in section 2 of the Criminal code but organization does where person should be:

« organisation »

“organization” means

(a) a public body, body corporate, society, company, firm, partnership, trade union or municipality, or

(b) an association of persons that

(i) is created for a common purpose,

(ii) has an operational structure, and

(iii) holds itself out to the public as an association of persons;

So are we to believe that instead of “person” we are to read “organization” throughout this Bill? Or maybe as in (b) an association of organizations.  It does make some sections a fraction more sensible.

21 (1) “reasonable grounds to believe” Judging by the intricacy of the wording in this bill I assume that this is defined in the regulations as it is certainly not in this Bill. So again I ask where are the regulations upon which we can see what this means?

21 (2) (e) suggests that a courier van might be delayed indefinetely for simply accepting to deliver some “thing” to which an inspector might object, thus we now have another innocent business put into jeopardy on the suspicion of an inspector. There does not appear to have to be a health risk prior to this “seizure” just a suspicion of wrongdoing. It would also appear that a consumer product already purchased is subject to these seizures without compensation too.  Are you telling Canadians that?  Buyer beware of Health Canada Inspectors ! Oh, by the way, in the criminal code these seizures have to be reported to the courts and have a warrant issued to perform. In Bill C-36 the inspector is the law, and our safety is not a consideration.

I am glad to see that in Section 21 (4) about trespassing the words “and they are not liable for doing so” are  removed, although the use of the the word “may” (see above meaning from Black’s Law ) again suggests that it is under your order they “shall” or “must” enter on, pass through or over private property and I am sure you will accept no laiblity or responsibilty for their actions either. The removal of those words, glad as I am to see them go, are simply cosmetic, in my view, as the intent of the section is still quite clear. “Tresspass away inspectors”.

22 (3) states that if force is to be used an inspector must be accompanied by a peace officer. By definition in the Crimal Code that means the inspector could be accompnied by a prison cook.

Criminal Code definitions:

“peace officer”
« agent de la paix »

“peace officer” includes

(a) a mayor, warden, reeve, sheriff, deputy sheriff, sheriff’s officer and justice of the peace,

(b) a member of the Correctional Service of Canada who is designated as a peace officer pursuant to Part I of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act, and a warden, deputy warden, instructor, keeper, jailer, guard and any other officer or permanent employee of a prison other than a penitentiary as defined in Part I of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act,

a prison cook is a permanent employee, who could moonlight legally as a Health Canada enforcer.

Analysis: 29 The Minister “may” (must, shall) designate any individual or class of individuals as analysts for the administration and enforcement of this Act and the regulations.

What is a “class of individuals”  when we don’t even know what an individual is?  And again here we go with enforcement of regulations when we have no idea what they will be.

6                                        RECALLS AND REGULATIONS

31, 32, and 33 all of a page and a bit out of 37 pages is to do with RECALLS

Here we have the stated purpose of the Act right? Health Canada is to have the tools to do the recalls, and yet in this whole section it is the Minister who does everything.  Where is Health Canada in all this and where are these expensive inspectors and analysts? Even more important where are the regulations upon which the Minister will act.  In case of confusion, it was the inspectors who would do this work in Bill C-6, but in Bill C-36  it is you, Minister

35 (7) & (8) A review must be completed in 30 days from the Minister receiving the review request, but that 30 days can be extended more than once – how many times more than one? Does that really mean indefinetly?


This is about creating regulations not the content of the regulations themselves.

Regulations made by Governor in Council (which really means the Cabinet and not parliament does it not?)

37 (1) (a) is absolutely beautiful, in that it allows for the export of asbestos, uranium or any other dangerous “thing” mined or made in Canada, to any overseas consumer. Meanwhile that “thing” is not acceptable in Canada because it is “unsafe”.

OOOps, asbestos and uranium are not on schedule 2;  kite strings, baby soothers, wheeled walkers and sneezing powder are though.   How much uranium enriched explosives or ammunition do we export or use ourselves in foreign countries?

(b) exempting with or without conditions a class of persons from the application of this act or the regulations…..

and c) ammending the schedules 1 and 2.

I think that means that there are undefined “persons” (?) that are exempt from this ACT, and that the Governor in Council – see Cabinet – can add or subtract items to or from schedules 1 and 2 at will, without parliament being involved. 37 (2) was discussed in 2(a) above but is worth repeating. Regulations may be incorporated by refence documents produced by (c) a government, which is (e) a government of a foreign state, or (f) an international organisatiom of states. Again I refer to the use of the word may and its real meaning – must or shall. 38 (1) specifies that only regulations made under these subsections (37 (1) (a),(b) and (c) must be submitted to each house of parliament, and I believe that there is an arrangemnt to lay these regulations in front of the Clerk in case the house is not sitting 40 (6),  and they will be deemed to have been laid before the house.   Subsections 37 (1)  (d) to (p) it would appear, do not have to be laid before parliament under any circumstances. 38 (4)(b) and (6) show how the Minister and Cabinet can get the regulations into being, avoiding not only committees but also any discussion in either house.

39 (1) says the Minister can make regulations without parliament’s approval and (2) if this is done a statement must be laid before each House with the reasons – no time limit specified of course so it could be years, or laid before the clerk when the house is not sitting.

Interim Orders about regulations:

40 (1) Allows the Minister to make interim orders that if they are approved by the Govenor in Council (Cabinet again).

(2) (a) are endless,  and

(3) not subject to Privy Council approval .

(4)  I defy anyone not a lawyer to understand.


Guilty until proven innocent, and the Minister is Judge and Jury.

The section on offenses is loaded with those “persons or individuals” again and is in keeping with this government’s desire to punish all offenders with severe fines or inprisonment, however:

41 (4) considers the courts reaction to the commission of the offense and the vulnerability of individuals who use the consumer product. If this is only about regulations, which is not specified, then you, Minister, might be OK.  If not then Minister I think you should be subject to a “court reaction” to your actions last year with the untested, unproven H1N1 vaccination program pushed hard at Canadians using fear tactics to achieve maximum coverage.

The next few sections are a nightmare concerning signatures, persons, individuals, regulations, admissabilty and of course penalties, which only a lawyer can get pleasure out of untangling. It is also painfully obvious that this is more about administrative penalties than safety or health

In amongst all this is

59.(1) a person named in a notice of violation does NOT have a defence by reason that the person

a) exercised due diligence to prevent the violation


41 (2) Due dilligence IS a defence in a prosecution for an offense

So in a notice of violation there is no due diligence defense yet in committing an offense there is? Does it really matter anyway because this is all decided by you as Minister, not by a court of law?

42 A person (coalition) is not liable for an offence but the servants of that coalition are, even if the coalition is not prosecuted….

62 A person (coalition) is liable for a violation, committed by a servant wether or not the servant is charged or proceeded against.

Seems to me that one cancels out the other, thus no one gets charged,  so what is the point again here?  Or maybe with this government everyone gets charged.  How long will anyone be liable as I did not notice in section 57 any time limit on possible charges?  That is to say the Minister has 6 months to carry out administratuve violation charges from when he/she is aware of the “violations” which could be years later.  Yet another question here, what do adminstrative charges have to do with the safety and health of Canadians.  Administrative charges is in this case a punitive setup to extract money for not conforming to unknown regulations.   These charges can be collected through the federal court and yet there is no opportunity for the accused to have any review of either the amount of the fine set by the Minister, nor the opportunity to plead innocent or even appear in front of that court.  Thus the rule of law in Canada is being by passed.

67 (1) (2) (3) establish a new committee separate from Health Canada, well that’s good news for sure as Health Canada is compromised,  but  where is the money for this committee coming from? Any advice the Minister recives from this committee has to be made public, which I assume means put into the Gazzette, but kept away from the main media.

70 Why do the Minister’s documents only have to have the appearance of being real to be proof that the Minister became aware of something?

9                                   CONCLUSION & RECOMMENDATIONS

My overall impression of this Bill is that over the years a lot of money has been spent to produce a potential piece of legislation that is a complicated skeleton with the unfulfilled and not to be trusted promises of regulations, which will only surface after the bill is passed into an Act. I believe it is designed not for the protection of consumers at all but rather to remove the sovereignty of Canada, and to merge Canada with the USA.  The use of the word “safety” is simply to encourage MPs to vote for it, as to vote against such a word could be hard to explain to an uninformed population. If the MPs all advised their constituents of their reason for voting against this bill, I believe the overwhelming vote from the Canadian People would be “no thank you” to this Bill.

Minister, I believe it is time for you to show us the regulations before we even entertain further thought of this Bill C-36.

Better yet Minister, serve the people of Canada, who are your employers, not corporate and foreign interests by withdrawing this whole sham called Bill C-36. HPA and the Criminal Code have served us well, and if there really is a need to update them, then do that.  Give the control of public safety to another ministry as Health Canada is and has been controlled by political and corporate interests and is thus indifferent to the real safety and health of the Canadian People.  Terence Young sits not far from you in the House, I suggest you talk to him about Health Canada and his daughter.

Jeremy Arney

Hard copy to the Minister by Canadian Post Office Mail.


11 thoughts on “Bill C-36 – Canada Consumer Product Safety Act

  1. I sign alot of petitions that are addressed to MLA’s, MP’s and directly to the Prime Minister and I appreciate the hard work these people put in paying attention to and helping make others more aware of what is going on in Parliament.
    I, like your average Canadian, come from a family where both parents have to work to make ends meet and I don’t always have time to decipher all the new Bills and changes that are being made and done (being as we never seem to get to vote on many of these things), the next thing I know I’m hearing bill such and such was just made law and I never even heard about it!)
    I would like to thank you Jeremy Arney for helping to decipher the jargon, and political babble that makes up bill-36 and others, but like you said, it’s still not clear, there’s so many variables that could be taken in so many different ways.
    I am sick of drug companies whipping up new drugs to treat simple ailments (like indigestion from overeating)giving it some kind of disease name or calling it a syndrome,sweet talking Health Canada to get it approved, wining and dining Doctors to get them to use the drugs on their patients and leading people to believe that this is an acceptable way to remedy over eating.
    People trust that Doctors care (which I believe most do)and know what they are prescribing ( which I don’t believe they do, I think Doctors are far too busy to do the research necessary to read all that has been documented on one single drug even), so they trust the Drug Lobbyists and the pharmaceutical companies and what they say about the safety of the drug or the longer term affects. But I don’t believe the drug companies and their lobbyists can see past the billions of dollars to be made by the prescribing and sales of the drugs. They can’t see past the opportunity of the never ending list of ailments that emerge from the use of a drug that has been pushed through the approval process in record time. In a never ending vicious circle of ailment + drug =temporary relief of the first ailment + a few new signs and symptoms + a possible new prescription = a possible contraindication and more symptoms etc etc. How can the Doctor figure out what is wrong?
    The over eating patient could have been told that he’ll have those indigestion problems as long as he continues his poor eating habit(s).
    I really lose hope in our Government when I hear about small companies like Marigold getting raided and shut down for trying to create a natural product that is to designed to help people.
    Sickness sells, fear mongering controls the hoards. Healthy people fight for their rights, sick people can be controlled.
    I feel truly afraid for what our grandchildren and great grand children will have to face.
    I feel afraid that it has already gone past being able to stop the roll that the money hungry politicians, drug companies, pharmacies and selfish Doctors (not the good ones, I know there are many out there yet)are on.
    On a positve note, I know also that there are drugs that save lives, I just don’t condone the drugging of the general population. I particlularly despise the drugging of our children under the feeble labels of ADHD and ADD, depression and all the other learning disabled labels they have. Put our kids back into nice small schools where they get more one on one attention, that’ll help more than drugs! Help families stay together so kids aren’t torn apart inside, kids want and love both parents and want them to stay together.They don’t need drugged! They need love and guidance and examples to follow as to how to conduct themselves as adults and parents. Quit letting food companies process our food and add chemicals to it! (Another multi billion dollar industry).
    Thanks again Jeremy, I wish there was a site or place a people could go where these bills and laws are worded more plainly, because, perhaps more people would read and be aware of what is going on and be more willing to step up and have a say and participate in standing up for peoples rights!
    A concerned Canadian, April

  2. did any one actually think with all the uproar last year over c6 that this piece of garbage bill would not get passed ??the government does what ever they want not what the people want now the inspectors have more dam power then the police ,what can we do to stop these power hungry morons??

  3. In the farm community, few realize yet that C-36 will enable a ramp-up of red-tape and over-regulation that could easily force the closing of many farm-based value-added businesses. Sure, it won’t happen all at once, but it’s being set up to happen.

    –The farmers’ markets, community halls, and even churches, the guy who makes frozen apple pies only during the season, and local butchers, etc. could become victims of Health Canada playing favourites. No transparency, no recourse, and where’s my freedom to choose my food gone?

  4. Bill C-36 – Canada Consumer Product Safety Act is 100% unconstitutional and this act will destroy Canada and it will create a facist police state and this act will cause Canada to merge with America and Mexico and it will create the North American Union. Those who laughed and said that the conspiracy theorists are crazy and spreading lies, I say to you how does it feel that we were right all along, I bet you feel foolish now. If this bill gets passed it will be the end of Canada as we know it.

  5. Perceptive. Why is the business class not up at arms. They are like chickens being taken off the roost at night one at a time.

  6. need to find an effective way of reaching out and informing the public about what’s really going on… power is in the numbers…

  7. I’m outraged at what our government is trying to do – at this moment I write to you without having slept for the last 24 hours due to drugs that my doctor recommended. Natural products are the only solution for my body. It is a noble fight, and worth every effort made.

  8. Thanks for explaining this Bill so well. What do you guys think about the book recently written about Health Canada called Corrupt to the Core?

    Keep up the great work.

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  10. This should be required reading by EVERY Canadian. We are being sold out by health Canada and the MP`s who vote for this – includes ALL parties. Amazing what greed does.

  11. Time to Take Back our Towns and by doing so at the Municipal level we eventually take back our lost Democratic Rights…………..but only a majority of people working together will do this………..a large “hill to climb” but it can be done!

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