Queen Elizabeth Visits Canada – Oh Joy!


As a Canadian, two things in particular irritate me about this “Royal Visit”.

  • Our entire lives they lied to us about the  “Royals”. The Media lied, the History books lied and so did our Teachers.
  • Instead of arresting this “Royal” and her “Treasonous” husband, “our” police force protects them.

Still think the Queen is a person of honour?

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip with their Knights of Malta badges on the left side of their chests

Queen Liz is also a member of the Knights of St John, another secret society that conflicts with any notion of her allegiance to the people of Canada

Story at Owen Sound Free Press



Prince Philip and the Environmental/Eugenics Movement

Dame of Malta Queen Elizabeth II, Apostate Traitor to White Protestant Canada

Instead of arresting the “Real Criminals” this is what “our” Police force does

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