The UN Deception – Freedom or Fascism

United Nations General Assembly hall in New Yo...

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by Ron Stephens

Regardless of where you live or your political affiliation, this video will wake you up. The free world is at the crossroads. We have only two choices at this juncture.

Live free, which is going to take considerable effort by all, or, live under Tyrannical  rule by a   group of unelected Godless Elite.

Make your choice, but make it soon.

What you need to understand

  1. You’ve been lied to since your birth
  2. The United Nations  goal, since inception,  is  One World Govt.
  3. The media, controlled by those pushing One World Govt.
  4. The Politicians, controlled by those pushing One World Govt.
  5. The Churches,  controlled by those pushing One World Govt.
  6. The Schools,  controlled by those pushing One World Govt.

The Global threat is not MMGW or climate change. The Global threat is One World Govt. via the United Nations.

Is the world doomed?

Only if  “we” allow it. The future of the world and civilization rests in each of our hands. So, forget the politicians and the clergy, they sold their souls a long time ago. This is up to us, and only us. Yes, we have the power to win. The question is, do we have the will?

One thought on “The UN Deception – Freedom or Fascism

  1. 1. USA dont even pay there bill to the UN today.
    2. USA dont recognice the UN court today.

    This is shows that UN is just a joke.

    USA and and its allies is responsible for many of the wars in the world and its history. So dont blame lack of small arms in africa for some bloody outcome. The west have undermined Africa for hundreds of years. Weak goverments in Africa is a result of western involment.

    This video try to convince people that world peace is bad. The video doesnt say anything about what will happen if UN is becoming the one world order. Overpopulation is and its problem is not a UN problem, it will happen anyway. Atlest we wont have meeningless wars. We all live on the same planet and we are all humans. Why do we need countrys and war? As Regan once said, we need an outside enemy(aliens) to unite.

    The only people who are afraid of world peace is those who make weapons and benifit from wars.

    This video is bullshit…

    (Hope you can read my bad english…)

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