Ontario’s H1N1 program was worth the money?


About a month ago I was pulling into my driveway and heard this exchange on CBC radio. “Do you think the media over-hyped the H1N1 virus threat?”   To which CBC responded “Don’t look at us, we only go with the Script that’s handed to us.”  Finally, some truth from the Media.


The main stream news would do well to put out a “Statement of Truth.”

“We are no longer interested in hiring journalists. However, if you are a fiction writer and would like a long-term contract writing for National Media outlets, please apply as your services are in great demand.”

Dr. Arlene King – Is the H1N1 Flu a Hoax?

As the kind of strategy contained in the GAP business plan has never been pursued, the Group noted that there were obvious risks. A major risk factor is the underlying assumption that there will in fact be a pandemic. If there is not a pandemic within the next five years, there may be loss of interest and
political awareness, and other public health needs may shift investment away from pandemic
influenza. Therefore, it is critical to identify the best possible strategy to maintain political commitment
and WHO is working with partners (UNICEF) and donors to mitigate this risk

Mon, 2010-07-19 19:59.

By: Helen Branswell, Medical Reporter, The Canadian Press

TORONTO – Ontario’s H1N1 vaccination program averted nearly one million cases and as many as 50 deaths, a newly published cost-analysis of the program suggests.

The finding is surprising, given that the province — and the country — started putting vaccine into arms just about the time the fall wave of the pandemic peaked.

Caroline Alphonso

From Tuesday’s Globe and Mail Published on Tuesday, Jul. 20, 2010 8:44AM EDT Last updated on Tuesday, Jul. 20, 2010 9:24AM EDT

Even failures can have a silver lining: Ontario had the lowest H1N1 vaccination rate in the country, but the millions of dollars poured into its program averted nearly one million cases of pandemic influenza.

Bill Gates – Does He Want You Dead?

The gates foundation is heavily invested in vaccines. He says in the attached video, the population could be reduced by 10% with the “proper” use of vaccines. Makes you want to roll up your sleeve, doesn’t it.


2 thoughts on “Ontario’s H1N1 program was worth the money?

  1. Here would be a better study!
    Check the millions of people who never received the flu shot and count the number that actually got the flu in that group!

    It’s like the old story when a man was asked why he was blowing a trumpet on the corner of Yonge St. and King St. in Toronto. He answered: “Im scaring away the elephants!”
    The next statement made was “but there are no elephants in Toronto!”

    The Trumpet blower then replied: “See..it works!”

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