Peru declares emergency over cold weather

Seasonal deaths

By Dan Collyns BBC News, Lima

The state of emergency was declared in 16 of Peru’s 24 regions.

This week Peru’s capital, Lima, recorded its lowest temperatures in 46 years at 8C, and the emergency measures apply to several of its outlying districts.

In Peru’s hot and humid Amazon region, temperatures dropped as low as 9C. The jungle region has recorded five cold spells this year.

Hundreds of people – nearly half of them very young children – have died of cold-related diseases, such as pneumonia – BBC

The Peruvian govt. is trying in vain to contact Mr. “Hot Air” Gore.

The govt. believes only Gore can save Peru. The hope is, by using his ability to blow mass amounts of hot air,  Mr. Gore can push back the cold and save Peru. If you know the whereabouts of “Big AL” please contact him  and ask him to call Peru immediately.

2 thoughts on “Peru declares emergency over cold weather

  1. Can painting a mountain restore a glacier?

    Yep, just a few weeks later here is the estimable Dan Collyns reporting desperate attempts by Peru to fight global warming.

    BTW, why are you quoting stories from the BBC? Don’t you know it’s a public organisation, backed by tax dollars (actually pounds), hellbent on taking your freedom by force? 😉

  2. These wee little men like Gore and others who have the absolute gall to think they can control Nature and make it work for them should all just go out on an ice floe and disappear from our planet forever. They are evil and desperate little men running after money and power and should only be considered “pathetic” by the rest of us who respect Nature and it’s dynamic state.

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