Loss of Sovereignty by Stephen Harper at G20 Meeting Toronto

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The United Nations,  formed for the sole purpose of removing National Sovereignty and installing One World, undemocratic rule, upon every person on the planet.

Paul Martin, Liberal, and Stephen Harper, Conservative, are two of a multitude of Traitors, working behind the scenes, working toward the goals of the UN

There is no Left or Right! Only Traitors.

Everyone has a duty to defend the land we call home. Will we?


Prime Minister Harper officially endorses North American Union!


11 thoughts on “Loss of Sovereignty by Stephen Harper at G20 Meeting Toronto

  1. What all of us seem not to realize is this, what is happening with Canada USA and Mexico is not a lone endeavor, this is global. There is a Global Government on the rise and the nations are being broken up into 10 regions
    Region 1. Canada Mexico and USA\
    Region 2. European Union and Western Europe
    Region 3. Japan
    Region 4. Australia, New Zealand South Africa and Pacific Islands
    Region 5. Eastern Europe
    Region 6. Latin America, Central and South America
    Region 7. North Africa and middle east ( Moslems )
    Region 8. Central Africa
    Region 9. South and East Asia
    Region 10. Central Asia
    This will be triggered by the World Gentile Domination that will be 100 times worse than in the days of Hitler. Hitler had the Gastopl today we have cameras everywhere, drones, the States is full of concentration camps. There is Hope in all of this and that is found in having a personal relationship today with the God of the universe, Call upon Him today What must a man do to be saved Ask Jesus Christ to be your savior today.

  2. Hmmm?…….didn’t we go to War twice to protect our Sovereignty?………I think there are tens thousands of white crosses in the ground all over the World with the names of young Canadians on them that basically declare to the World even to this day that we will not give up our Sovereignty even if we have to DIE to protect it!

    Something Harper and Martin seem to try and ignore?…….rather foolish mistake wouldn’t you say?

    1. a Lesson from History, when Hitler began he was an ambassador for Germany and everybody loved him and would die for him in loyalty but at the end of the was the allies made the German people view the death camps of the holocaust They allowed it to happen but they could not stop it. It was destined to happen and this will be the same with an end to democracy, freedom, and peace. the only thing that has any hope is for those who call upon the Lord Jesus Christ, confess our sin and believe he rose from the dead and then you will have eternal life

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