10:10 eco-fascism video


This video relays the eco-fascist message well……..Do as we say or else!

In the film which contains disturbing images, a teacher invites her class to take part in the environmental campaign. Two children, who do not want to, are asked why.

The teacher tells them: “Fine, it’s absolutely fine. It’s your own choice.”

But moments later she presses a button and the children explode into a mess.

Similar scenes are played out in an office where four workers are blown up and a football training session where footballer David Ginola, who also says he does not want to do his bit to combat climate change, disappears in an explosion.

In the final scene, Gillian Anderson, who provides the voice- over is similarly dispatched after saying she thought doing the voice over was enough of a contribution to the campaign.


One thought on “10:10 eco-fascism video

  1. This is the “Last Gasp” for the “eco-whackos” who make a tidy living off scaring the crap out of people and then give them an alternative. Unfortunately for them there is an awakening across the World politically and socially asking this question: “Who the hell are these crazy people?”……10:10 ‘rs, Greenpeacer’s, Suzuki’rs and in fact all the “eco-whackos” are DONE!………..now go back into your “rubber rooms” and let US real people continue trying to survive a 10 hour work day!

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