Kincardine Mayor Hopefuls Debate

Ron Stephens

At the all candidates meeting in Tiverton a gentleman asked a simple question. “All those against more turbines on land in the Municipaltiy please stand.”

I was amazed to see how few stood besides myself. Both Kraemer and Haight remained seated and exclaimed “it’s not a fair question”

In the audio clip (follow link at bottom) they now are against wind farms. How do you trust these people?

Both had the opportunity to stand up and defend your rights over the last four years and they failed.

Neither of them have defended your right to have a hospital board that is accountable to you or stood up to defend you against the GEA.

Who are they working for? You or the Province.

Just like the politicians they are, they will say anything to get your vote.

Think about the last four years and use your vote wisely.

by Daryl Morris

Wind turbines continue to be the hot topic for Lake Huron shoreline residents.

The candidates for Kincardine Mayor had a lengthy debate about the issue on Werdnesday morning on a special edition of Soundingboard on 98 the Beach.

Ron Stephens tells Bayshore Broadcasting News current council has not stepped up and voiced concerns enough over the Green Energy Act.

He says it’s an “absolute abuse” of the rights of every citizen’s rights, and it’s something that needs to be dealt with quickly.

Listen to story at Bayshore Broadcasting


2 thoughts on “Kincardine Mayor Hopefuls Debate

  1. I’m quite disappointed I cannot recast my ballot from the Municipal Elections in Kincardine, I don’t believe Ron Stephens would have let the senseless spending continue with the Kraemer of Commerce (they call in Team Kincardine). It doesn’t take a genius to see Penetangore Regional Economic Development Corporation is just a front for funding the Chamber of Commerce, look at it’s membership! What stinks the most is as taxpayers we are not allowed to know how they spend their money…exactly who is getting what from the initial $140,000 invested and who will get the next $140,000 they’ve asked for. Oh and what have they accomplished so far other than patting themselves on the back for forming Team Kincardine. Having done some research on the consultant that came up with this brilliant idea, Gerry Taylor reveals that his track record in spending tax dollars is very poor, google Gerry Taylor and Sault Ste Marie Innovation Centre, you can find minutes from their Council essentailly saying enough is enough of the false promises and no results after millions spent on his ideas (he resigned without comment shortly after)…I don’t want my tax dollars going to this group but enough on Council do for whatever reason (why was this money not open to all consultants, can anyone solicit Council now for money, don’t we owe it to the tax payer to do a background check and look for competitive bids?).
    Makes you wonder, when the Kraemer of Commerce has this much influence on Council, who did we really elect?


  2. Like most other Incumbents across Ontario these two candidates, Kraemer and Haight really don’t want to engage in a debate on Green Energy in a public forum because they are actually “responsible” for this miserable failure that will destroy Ontario for decades to come!

    “Blabbing unintelligible rhetoric” when put on the spot over this issue has been the common thread across all of Ontario when this confrontation occurs. If one tries to listen and understand these incumbents explanation’s it actually causes one’s brain to cramp up and come down with a massive migraine!…nice choices for a Mayor eh?

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