Local Agenda 21

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by Ron Stephens

Local Agenda 21 through sustainable development, turns your local govt. into a “Secret Society” that is working to destroy your freedoms at the local level for the benefit of unelected elite.

You must understand this document and what it means to you and your family. More importantly, you need to understand the negative impacts it will have for your children and grandchildren. Their right to property will be taken..and without the right to property they will have no rights.

Local Agenda 21



3 thoughts on “Local Agenda 21

  1. Ted

    High Treason by govt. at all levels and by all parties. I have a link to Green Agenda on top bar of this blog. It’s been there for years. I should have included it the post. Thanks for adding it. I would recommend people also read Cloak of Green, found on top bar. Also take a look at the videos on sidebar. Freedom 21 last video is a good explanation of Agenda 21 for those who don’t care to read. What’s not Sustainable? Private Property………and the human race!

    Beat back the Green Fascists!

  2. Anyone who actually attempts to read this 180 page “manual of destruction” will slowly realize that they will experience a massive migraine just trying to understand the wording of this diatribe.

    The words are ambivalent and purposely chosen to confuse, diffuse and render the reader literally “brain dead” and therein is the secret of this document!

    Once you have soaked yourself into about page 90 you will accept this document as neither important or relevant.

    If you accept this as a “good” document and allow it to “foul and infect” the Councilors who are having it read to them by their CAO you will notice that your township has changed quite bit from a Free and “distinct” community with a very solid identity into a “desolate unaffordable sewer” occupied by greedy money hungry sleazy developers turning your town into a corporate ghetto unfit for human existence…….Enjoy the book!

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