Bill C-36 is an Act Of Treason

A few words from a Proud Traitor of Canada and it’s People

Gerald Keddy MP – Member’s Statement – December 14, 2010

Update Dec 15 2010
by Jeremy Arney
Do You See a Difference?
Hello everyone,
This is to let you know that Ignatieff was in Victoria yesterday, 13th November 2010 for one of his Big Red Tent, open mike sessions and I asked him the following question, almost word for word,

My name is Jeremy Arney and I live just up the road from here.

Thank you for coming here today Mr Ignatieff.

My question concerns Bill c-36 an act respecting consumer product safety.

Whilst we all acknowledge the need for protection from unsafe products, the Hazardous Products Act with a few simple tweeks could give us all that is needed in today’s market.

Bill C-36 initially introduced before the election of 2008 as Bill C-51 is designed to replace Part one of the HPA and is absolutely full of non safety issues.

The rule of law in Canada has always been innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law, but in this Bill C-36 it is changed to guilty until proven innocent to the Minister of health without recourse to a court of law .

Even more important is the change to have foreign governments and bodies of foreign states make our regulations, and it is a short step to allow them to make the laws too.

In Bill C-36 section two under interpretations, government is defined as in subsection (e) a government of a foreign state or a subdivision of a foreign state, or in sub section (f) an international organization of states.

So under regulations defined in section 37 (2) this means that governments of countries like China, or Israel, or states such as Alabama or New South Wales in Australia, or even bodies such as WTO or WHO could easily be making regulations for Canada

In spite of attempts to ask questions not only of you sir, but of all MPs not one of you would address this particular issue either in the House or by letter, and now in just a few days Bill C-36 has passed through the House of Commons second reading, committee stage, and third reading by voice vote at an incredible speed . Now the problem is that once this precedent is set, it will be in the next budget and then our budget will be controlled by the World Bank and the IMF.

There is only one way left to stop this Bill, now that the Senate is a Harper rubber stamp, and that is for the House to close again for a change of government or prorogation, which ever comes first.

My question is :

Why did neither you nor your party see this danger in Bill C-36 which opens the door to foreign government’s controlling our Canadian regulations without parliamentary oversight?

Towards the end I had to stop him from getting up to interrupt or reply by saying  ” not quite finished yet” and eventually he replied by saying:

“Here is a question from a Canadian who bothers to read the details and is concerned by what he reads, I thank him for that. I did not see the dangers to which you refer, sir,  but if you would leave the details with my staff I will look again”.

to which I responded just before they cut off my mike, ‘thank you there are thousands of people who will want to know what you think’.

After the meeting I sat and invited his wife to chat and let her know, after the personal bits to get her comfortable with me were over, that not knowing if our messages were read or acted upon was very frustrating. She is a very pleasant woman whom I like. A worker was hovering, presumable to protect her from this chubby little old man and he gave me a card to ensure that I have access to the office of the official leader of the opposition.  Name is Daniel Langer, email:

The meeting was recorded and I believe will be on CPAC at some time soon.

Jeremy Arney

If you don’t like what you see or hear do something about it instead of complaining.

Senate Bill S 510 The American Bill C-36



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