The Irish Protest Against Govt., EU and IMF

Regardless of which country you call home, you need to stand up and protect your national sovereignty.

Make no mistake – your govt. is not working for you but is a  facilitator for the NWO.  All over the world govt. and bankers are working together to destroy Nation States as dictated by the United Nations and fellow Globalists.  The Untied Nations, created by the Globalist Bankers, created with the purpose of imposing a One World Government and One World Religion.

Global Fascism for all!

Unless  we stand up and stop them.


One thought on “The Irish Protest Against Govt., EU and IMF

  1. Could it be that Harper was showing off this summer when he unleashed the Police on it’s own citizens in the G20 in Toronto?

    Was he actually saying to his other 19 Oligarchs to “watch this:” “see the Police beat on their very own people! So now WE don’t have to worry about a backlash from the ordinary hump in the street when we announce that Canada is now the Property of Rockefeller and Friends!”

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