Haiti cholera: UN peacekeepers to blame


If you understand the UN, and their plan for humanity,  this story of continued misery being heaped on the Haitian People holds no surprise. For those who believe the UN is working to help humanity, it’s time you do  some research. If humanity is to survive, the UN must disappear, unless you like the idea of World Tyranny.

UN peacekeepers were the most likely source of the cholera epidemic sweeping Haiti, according to a leaked report by a French disease expert.

Epidemiologist Renaud Piarroux conducted research in Haiti on behalf of the French and Haitian governments.

Sources who have seen his report say it found strong evidence that the cholera outbreak was caused by contamination of a river by UN troops from Nepal.

The UN said it had neither accepted nor dismissed the findings.

The cholera epidemic has killed 2120 people, and nearly 100,000 cases have been treated, according to the Haitian government.

The report by Mr Piarroux found that the source of the outbreak was a Nepalese peacekeeping base, whose toilets contaminated the Artibonite river, according to a copy seen by the Associated Press news agency.

The river was the main focus of the outbreak when it began in October, but cholera has since spread throughout the country.

Many Haitians were already blaming the Nepalese peacekeepers for bringing cholera to the country, and there have been violent demonstrations against them.

Imported strain

The strain of cholera had already been matched to one from South Asia, although it is present in other Latin American countries.

In an interview last week, Mr Piarroux said it was clear cholera had been introduced to Haiti, which had not seen an outbreak of the disease for more than a century.

“It started in the centre of the country, not by the sea, nor in the refugee camps. The epidemic can’t be of local origin. That’s to say, it was imported,” he told the French news agency, AFP.

Source BBC


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