Wind Farm Scam Exposed at the Woodford Conference

Ron Stephens exposes the wind farm scam as part of the plan to run people off the land and into human settlements.

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One thought on “Wind Farm Scam Exposed at the Woodford Conference

  1. We are being bullied in Welshpool, Campobello Island, NB, to allow a wind turbine erection in a populated area. the average setback is approx. 576 feet and affects a motel, and many other tourism outlets, which is the island’s bread and butter along with fishing. The project was initiated by a landowner who could not reportedly sell his land and who instead went to our rural community council to present his plan to erect a wind turbine (only one at this time but no guarantees in writing – and one is more than enough in a too narrow setback to homes etc). the project was reportedly started in august, 2011. Our elected Mayor and Council members did not come to the community members in Welshpool who will be affected by the noise, health issues, ice shard throw, threat of blow ups and fires etc. if a turbine ever exploded (one did in Elgin, NB and they are exploding all over Europe) we have a dedicated but small fire dept. In the heat of summer when all is dry, it would be catastrophic!
    the project was approved by every member of the council but one. In particular our ward representative approved it and yet stated afterward that she did not know anything about them after signing the support letter which went to the land owner. the land owner resides in maine by a peaceful QUIET lake, and the turbine companies involved are both from MA, USA.
    We do not want the wind turbine in our back yard. the company and land owner assures us all that this is a new turbine developed for populated areas! Do we believe them? No, we do not. Its all about money for the turbine companies and green credits! On vinalhaven island in Maine, their electricity bills went up!
    now the land owner and companies are nudging the rest of the community who are not situated near the turbine with promises of a donation of two acres of land and further enducements…….Some who are not in the risk setback area are fallling for this, leaving the community of small and beautiful Welshpool alone to fight against it themselves.
    We do have some support from highly qualified experts in Ontario but we also need more. We are mostly a group of middle age to retirement age and many have inner ear related problems, tinnitis, menieres, epilepsy, migraines, heart issues etc.
    We are also situated in the Atlantic flypath for birds.
    we are worried sick as our property values will depreciate and many of us have put most of our equity into our beloved homes. We live on this remote island because of the peace and quiet it affords. We are connected to the State of maine via the Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial bridge and we have to drive one hour north to Calais, Maine and then cross into our own country to St. Stephen, NB. If we ever had a burn out, or related fire, we would be in huge trouble as we rely on a dedicated and hard working volunteer fire department on this approximately nine mile island. We need help and support.

    The Concerned residents, property owners, tax payers of Welshpool & Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada.

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