TV ‘inciting UN hate’


While I’m not that well-informed about the politics of Ivory Coast, I’m sure of one thing; the UN calling anyone a liar is over the top.

“Now Hiring” sign at the UN………….LIARS WANTED!

Destroy the United Nations………..before its “ONE WORLD ORDER” created and administered by a small group of elitist psychopathic despots, destroys the world.

Treat the UN the same as you would a Cockroach!

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo-controlled TV ‘inciting UN hate’

The UN has accused Ivory Coast state media – controlled by strongman Laurent Gbagbo – of inciting hatred against foreign peacekeepers.

UN peacekeeping chief Alain Le Roy said state TV channel RTI was pumping out lies, and blamed it for a machete attack on UN personnel on Tuesday.

Mr Gbagbo has so far resisted UN calls to step down as president and make way for his rival Alassane Ouattara.

Regional leaders are holdings talks aimed at breaking the impasse.

The presidents of Benin, Sierra Leone and Cape Verde, sent by regional bloc Ecowas, came away on Wednesday without a deal.

Ecowas, which had threatened in a statement to send in troops to force Mr Gbagbo to step down, said the three men would return to the country on 3 January for more talks.

‘Appeals to hatred’

An election last month resulted in both Mr Gbagbo and Mr Outtara being declared the winner, and each being sworn in as president.

On Wednesday, the UN solidified its support for Mr Outtara by formally welcoming his choice as the country’s ambassador to the UN.

And in a news conference, Mr Le Roy launched an unprecedented attack on state TV.

“The declarations I hear on the RTI are concerning us and shocking us, because they clearly instigate the population to turn against ONUCI [UN mission in Ivory Coast],” he said.

more at BBC


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